Work is a part and parcel of life. Spending 6-7 hours on a chair, working relentlessly has become a daily activity for a majority of people. While one can not help this monotonous routine, we can enhance the other aspects of a workplace that help us through it. 

An essential part of an office space is the seating arrangement. Given that people spend most of their time sitting on the chair, it becomes important to make it as comfortable as it can be. Discomfort is the key factor of disturbance that affects the efficiency as well as the job satisfaction of the employee. In order to deliver promising work, one needs to fulfill the prerequisite.

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An ideal chair possesses certain qualitative features that makes it different and highly preferred from the majority of them out there. While searching for the perfect chair for your office, keep the following things in your mind:

  1. Comfort: We tend to be the best version of ourselves in life when we are put in situations we are most comfortable in. This isn’t just a statement, it is an observation. Comfort is directly proportional to employee productivity.

How can one deliver promising work if he/she already has to deal with one of the coexisting disturbances in the work space. A comfortable office chair is the one way to enhance the productivity of an employee. It keeps them happy and satisfied, so that all their attention is diverted to their work.

  1. Assistance to the body posture : Often we observe, it does not even take a whole hour to already feel tired of sitting in the work spot. The main reason being an incorrect posture. While many try to be seated in the best way possible, it can become tiring after sometime. This is where a good office chair comes in handy. It assists the employee in maintaining a good and comfortable posture. 

This is one way to cut out fatigue from life and prevent many back problems that eventually force the employee to give-up and take days off from work. It turns out to be no good for the employer as well as the employee.

  1. Adjustability: The height varies from person to person. Even if the chair is for a home office, there are many chances that the same space is used by other members at different times during the day. A good chair must be adjustable to the person seating on it because let’s make it very clear, in this particular situation, the size does matter!
  2. Arm and headrest: At times during the work hours, one may feel the need to relax the body a bit. An arm and headrest makes it possible.


Out of the plenty of options available in the market, the following chairs can be the best fit for your workspace:

  1. Sit-stand chair : A height-adjustable chair, this is suitable for people who spend their work hours by switching between standing, leaning and sitting. 
  2. Drafting Chairs : For people who spend a majority of time standing while working and sitting to rest only for a while, this can be a great help as it assists quick transition from sitting to standing position. 
  3. Mesh Office Chairs: Known as the breathable chairs, these are the best options for those who sweat excessively while using the cushioned or leather chairs. 
  4. Conference Chairs: This is the typical work chair found in both professional workspace as well as home office. This easy availability, the pricing, as well as other features like height adjustability, assistance in forward and backward leaning posture, makes it so popular among people. 
  5. Executive Office Chairs : It is one of the most popular and comfortable chairs used in the workplace. Also referred to as the best computer chair for long hours, the chair is very comfortable, adjustable and supports body posture and comes with padded armrests.
  6. Balance Ball Chairs : The chairs have become trendy nowadays as people have started looking for seating arrangements that make them comfortable and engage in exercise at the same time. Also known as yoga ball chairs, these come with a big inflatable ball that interrupts the conventional form of office chairs and helps in strengthening the core and leg muscles while also improving blood circulation in the body.
  7. Active Sitting Chairs : Movement may also be a requirement in certain jobs. This chair assists the movement even while being seated.
  8. 24-hours Chairs: Certain jobs require being seated for hours and hours. These are best suited for that purpose. The features like adjustable height, lumbar support, cushioned headrests, armrests, are the features that make it so likeable. Of the many, it is the most durable office chair. 



While it may not appear to be a matter of such great importance, there is no denying that people have suffered the consequences of using an uncomfortable seat. Surveys have proven that comfort is the key to promoting the productivity and health of a person. 

How many times have you been tired by hardly spending one or two hours sitting on a chair? How many times have you come back home or left your home office with pain in your back and pelvis?

It is about time to prioritize health and comfort to ensure to have a healthy mind that helps you deliver promising work. As it is often said – A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.