7 Home Appliances You May Need More Than You Think

Before we start, note that this article is not about trends or money-making scams. Also, it’s not advice that will result in you having loads of clutter in your home. The bottom line: it’s all about more practical, healthier and easier living. Who doesn’t want that?

Our focus: kitting out your kitchen with appliances that make sense. Some of them look good of course but more than aesthetics, buying for your kitchen should be about simplifying your life. And perhaps you simply haven’t discovered how blenders, a heat sealer or a thermometer can do that. 

It’s time to make your kitchen work to your benefit with these handy appliances.

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Soap Dispenser—An Automatic One

This one may be more prominent on people’s buying lists because of the worldwide pandemic, but it should have been on must have list years ago. It’s so easy for food to become contaminated especially when preparing multiple dishes. Imagine taking bacteria from chicken to the salad you’re preparing on the side and not realising it. You need to wash your hands often during dinner preparation, so, soap dispensers are vital. 

Note that we don’t advise to get just any dispenser. With an automated one, that squirts soap after a sensor tells it your hands are close, you don’t have to press any buttons. That means one less surface you can contaminate with that bacteria. 

Of course, this gadget will also help you manage your entire family’s hygiene and therefore wellbeing. 

Food Processor or Blender

This is actually not just a nice to have as many people believe. Once you realise how you can impact your family’s health with this device, it becomes the best investment you make:

  • Make puree for babies instead of feeding store bought food filled with preservatives
  • Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to add healthy ingredients to your daily diet
  • Chop healthy greens so you can add them to other dishes; your kids won’t even know they’re eating it
  • Save money by making your own fancy dips instead of paying high prices in store

Vacuum Sealer

As stated, our suggestions are all about practicality, health and other benefits. A vacuum sealer should be in all kitchens for all these reasons, making it an all-in-one solution. 

Store extra portions and ensure they won’t spoil because of getting in contact with air. Yet another way you’re protecting your family’s health? You can also avoid odours travelling from one leftover container to another, so you end up wasting less food. 

It’s even easier to store a sealed bag than a bulky plastic container, so you’re making it effortless to organise your fridge from now on. 

Electric Grill

You can keep using your outside grill or a deep fry pan, but an electric grill will be a wise investment in your health. It’s easier to make less greasy dishes while still having those inviting charred lines that make a piece of meat seem even more scrumptious. Bonus: these grills can be of compact design, so your kitchen won’t feel cluttered. 

Slow Cooker

One of the reasons many families aren’t enjoying healthy meal plans is because of time. Once everyone is home from work, activities and school it’s often late in the day and no one is in the mood for cooking. So, what do you do? You resort to take away meals. 

Don’t let your schedule spoil your health ever again. 

With a slow cooker you can place all your ingredients in the cooker in the morning. The appliance will take care of the cooking process while you focus on your day. When you get home you can have a tasty hot meal, ready to dish. It’s truly an appliance that makes sense in this modern era.

Kitchen Scale

Another reason people aren’t following healthy meal plans is simply because portion sizes are too big. It can be confusing trying to gauge how much is enough, right? But it becomes easy when you have a scale on hand. Know exactly how much to add to each one’s plate. This also helps you waste less because there will be less leftovers no one really wants the next day. 

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Hand Vac

Here’s one more thing that keeps people from spending time in the kitchen: most of us hate cleaning up. 

So, make it easy on yourself to clean up crumbs or other pieces of food that fell on the floor. Simply have a powerful hand vacuum on the kitchen counter. When you make tasks easy for yourself, dinner preparation becomes a breeze. That’s how you make healthy living less effortless!

Final Thoughts

See how much easier and healthier your life can be? 

Or perhaps you’re looking for that perfect housewarming gift for a couple moving into their new home? Get them off to a good start by helping them implement good habits, without creating much effort. 

That’s the power of having the right appliances in a kitchen!

Have any other suggestions? Please share with us!