7 Carpet Maintenance Hacks You Should Know

Maintaining a clean carpet could go wrong due to many effects such as having little children or pets at home or constant wear and tear but this post is all about the hacks that would help maintain your carpet for a very long time. You may check here for your carpet cleaning Melbourne.

7 Carpet Maintenance Hacks You Should Know 

Carpet maintenance far exceeds the mere weekly vacuum cleaning because a carpet is a long term purchase and needs to be treated as such. What mostly destroy the carpet are stains left uncleaned. Below are the seven hacks for proper maintenance of your carpet. 

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Use Baking Soda 

For an area full of dirt or grease, you shouldn’t wash such an area with the normal water and soap solution to avoid scrubbing and spreading.

 What you need to do is just pour a little amount of baking soda into such a particular area. Wait for some minutes till the soda suck almost all the dirt and grease leaving a manageable stain behind that can be washed off with the traditional solution. 

Shaving Cream 

Most people don’t know about this hack. At least, once in a while with consideration to our ages, we should have dropped some ice cream or spilled our drinks on the carpet. 

As bad as this may look, you don’t need to fresh, just spread a little shaving cream on the area and wait for some minutes. Just wipe the cream away with a sponge or a cloth thereafter. 

Making Use of Iron 

You may found this funny but it works. Here is how to ensure your iron is hot. Now find a towel and dampen the area you want to clean with a vinegar solution. The vinegar should be 1 ratio 3 to the quantity of water to be used. And place the towel on the stained area. Now, place the hot iron on the towel. 

As you start to iron, you will notice that the stain will start to lift into the towel. You should stop ironing when the stain is finally removed or cleaned to your specifications. 

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Make Use of Squeegee 

For most pet owners, seeing pet hairs everywhere sometimes is frustrating even on carpets. 

You can use a squeegee to eliminate pet hairs. Though squeegee is essentially made for collecting dirt from windows it works well too for a carpet full of hairs. Make the squeegee wet and run it as though the carpet is a window. 

Making Use of Rubbing Alcohol 

Stain such as nail polish always seems difficult to remove but with rubbing alcohol, you are good to go. 

Make sure the polish is dried already before you use the alcohol. Because the alcohol can cause another stain by acting as a dye or damage the carpet’s fabric. 

Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol and leave it on the spot for some time. The nail polish will be absorbed into the clothing. 

Using Lint Roller 

Most times we find it hard cleaning the carpet in a particular area with a vacuum cleaner. This may be due to the kind of carpet is used. In such an instance, it is best to switch to a lint roller for such an area. 

Making An Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Most times it is advisable to have your homely made solution for carpet cleaning. One it is quite healthy and two handy and most times efficient. 

All you need are ¾ cup of Hydrogen, ¼ cup of vinegar, 4 drops of essential oil, 2 tablespoons dish soap, 2 tablespoons of fabric softener, and one gallon of warm water. Mix all together and use as desired with your shampooing machine or whatever you use for carpet cleaning.