5 things that successful cyber security professionals do

There are a lot of things that go into making a good cyber security professional into a great cyber security professional. A lot of personal characteristics are thrown into the mix, that are unique to every individual, but there are also some common practices that all great and successful cyber security professionals follow. In this post, we will explore some of these habits or traits that all these experts have in common. So, pay attention and take notes.

  1. Planning:
    Every great cyber security professional is also a good strategic expert and a smart planner. If you work in InfoSec, you need to have adequate foresight to identify potential security threats and take necessary action in time before it gets too late. You need to be one step ahead of hackers all the time. That means that you don’t just need to focus on the present but also work on the future and plan accordingly. 

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  • Organising:

Managed Cybersecurity is a discipline that requires you to be analytical, alert, and organized at all times. If you ask any great cyber security expert about their secret to staying calm amidst the chaos that their work entails, they will tell you that organization is key to staying efficient and sorted at their job. You need to be methodical, focused and smart in your work, whether you are a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) or a forensic investigator. Using organization apps can help you manage your professional life better and stay away from brewing disasters due to clutter.

  • Networking:
    A lot of people take networking for granted. However, any good cyber security professionals can swear by the benefits that good networking can provide. Successful professionals are always spending a dedicated amount of time of their week or even day towards building meaningful connections with key professional contacts. Even if they cannot attend an industry event, they would still keep their connections strong by dropping a heartfelt message once every while.
  1. Studying:
    Learning new things is the ultimate key to growth. If you are into cyber security, this becomes even more essential than ever. The mark of a true cyber security expert is how updated they keep themselves with the industry progress. Even if you are a network security engineer, you can learn ethical hacking course online to take your knowledge up a notch and increase your rate of professional growth. Many cyber security professionals have a habit of following up on daily cyber security news and tech news in general. You need to emulate that as well if you don’t want to be left behind on the career ladder. Gaining great field experience and CISSP certification with you should pave the way for more career opportunities in the future.

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  1. Helping:
    Good cyber security professionals help those around them to become more cyber secure. They understand that the more they help people to become safe online, the more they are helping themselves at the end of the day. Whether it is educating their colleagues about phishing and malicious websites or helping their friends and family with antivirus installations or posting a youtube video commenting about their favourite password manager and best password practices, all successful and excellent cyber security professionals do whatever little they can to follow through with their commitment to ensuring digital safety among the general public.

The conclusion is that if you want to excel at your information security job, which to be honest is highly dynamic and can be very demanding at times, you need to go beyond just your regular work and follow in the footsteps of your idols. Here’s to hoping that you go a long way on the road to professional success with these tips you just read about.