5 Social Media Tools To Use If You Want To Be An Influencer 

Social media is believed to have become popular among marketers because of its ability to reach new audiences. That’s why influencer marketing is now part of most businesses’ digital marketing or e-commerce strategy. 

Depending on your niche as an influencer, you can use certain tools besides search engine optimization (SEO) to make yourself more visible and boost engagement with your audience online. Therefore, to be an effective influencer, you need to utilize an arsenal of helpful social media tools to maximize the visibility of your content online. 

That said, here are the social media tools you need to use as an influencer: 

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  • Audience Engagement Tools 

Social media is a great tool for building engagement with audiences, but building organic engagement isn’t easy and can be time-consuming. That’s where audience engagement tools come in. Their purpose is to boost social media engagement on various social media platforms.  

Take Instagram for example. You could use different audience engagement tools to highlight your Instagram reels and IGTV posts to relevant audiences. How? By buying Instagram views for your IG reels and IGTV. It’s believed that the more views, the greater the visibility of your content. Consequently, the engagement rate may improve too. You can find out more about this tool at EarthWeb and other similar sites. 

Also, if you’re a frequent hashtag user, you may need hashtag research tools, too. You can use these apps to search for trending and relevant hashtags, discover influencers, and track these hashtags to monitor engagement. Every social media influencer should have a hashtag research tool because it helps you to boost your hashtag game with ease. Finding the right hashtag manually isn’t exactly straightforward. But these tools make it that much easier. 

  • Social Media Management Tools 

For those influencers who run multiple accounts on different social networking platforms, you’ll need a social media management tool to help you keep track of all of your online activity. Managing your accounts manually may become increasingly difficult as your following grows. But these tools are there to help.  

Social media management apps, like those featured on web pages The Small Business Blog and the others, possess many useful functionalities such as post scheduling, creating content, and tracking engagement. Plus, social media management tools provide you with an interactive dashboard that displays the activity in all your social media accounts at a glance. 

There are plenty of selections to choose from. Your choice just depends on what type of influencer you are, or aim to be, and your budget. That’s what determines whether you’ll go for premium or basic plans. Nonetheless, social media management tools should form part of your social media engagement strategy. 

  • Account Analytics Tools  

Every good content creator knows that the best way to build engagement is to post good quality content consistently. But aside from that, you need tools that will help you to track the performance of your posts. This is especially true for those influencers who post frequently.  

Analytics tools help you to determine which content your audience enjoys most. You need to determine which posts your audience engaged with the most so that you can create more similar posts. Used correctly, this information can change the trajectory of your social media account for the better.  

These analytics tools have tracking features that can generate informative reports that provide insight into areas that need improvement. 

  1. Basic Graphics Design and Editing Tools 

High-quality visual media like pictures and videos are somewhat an imperative for social media influencers because humans respond to visual stimuli very well. In addition, there are thousands of pictures and videos uploaded on social media daily garnering people’s attention. 

So, to stand out, your content has to be of a high quality for people to engage. That’s why influencers need graphic design and editing tools to enhance the quality of their content. Luckily, there’s an ample supply of graphics design and editing tools available online. Most of which are easy to use because they have ready-made templates for you to use. 

These templates are social media ready and there’s no editing required for the most part. Hence, you don’t need prior video content creation experience to use most of them. And you can integrate these tools with other social media platforms for seamless content sharing.

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  • Audio Recording Applications 

If you host a podcast, you need an audio recording application or tool of some sort to make it work. These audio recording tools are generally easy to use. In addition, you don’t need any expert knowledge to use them. There are simple recording applications that you can simply download onto your phone or computer and record on the go. 

Yet if you’re recording in a more professional setting like a studio, perhaps you could look for more sophisticated recording applications. 


To be a successful influencer, you must create good quality content that people will want to engage with. Besides understanding your audience and niche, you need to tailor your content to attract the right audience. It’s not always easy. That’s why you need the help of the above social media tools to up your social media game and hope for what the future holds for your brand.