5 Easy Modifications You Can Do to Your Car

Modifying cars is a popular way to showcase your creativity and love for fuel-guzzling wheelers. These days there is a huge market and demand for the aftermarket parts for every car out there. Some of the aftermarkets are even better than the original parts of the car. 

Modifications are done to enhance the looks or the performance of the vehicle. For example, some modification like changing the exhaust muffler improves the airflow system of the car, whereas modifications like changing the rims are more of a cosmetic choice.

There has been an enormous increase in the availability of aftermarket parts. However, there are so many complex modifications one could do to their car that sometimes it gets confusing for beginners to choose. So, here are some of the simplest changes you can make to your ride

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  • Wheels

Changing the rims of your car is the simplest way to mod your ride. There are various materials, colours, and wheels in the market to choose from, depending on your budget. Changing the wheels on your car is an easily applicable modification. This mod does not require any significant change to your ride and is easy to implement.

  • Stance

This mod probably has the highest impact of any in the list.  But, this is not the easiest to do. No matter which car you have, there is no denying that a car looks way better when there is no gap between the arches and wheel. A dropped down car attracts a lot of attention and stands out. However, the kind of stance you can choose for your car depends on many factors like spacers, wheel width, coils and tire’s size. Getting the proper stance for your ride is a complicated process, but it indeed is a good mod. 

  • Plastic Parts

A popular cosmetic change among car modification aficionados is to change the outer plastic parts, like bumper, grille and much more. Changing the grill or simply swabbing it for its blacked-out or chrome counterparts enhances the look of your car. If you want to go big, modify the front and back bumpers and add side skirting to the vehicle. 

A dropped down car with side skirting and flashy bumpers turn a lot of heads. 

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  • Exhaust 

Another cosmetic change to the sound of your car. A nice-sounding exhaust will make your car stand out. People will start to recognise the sound of your vehicle from far away.

If you want to go the other way around, you can put on an exhaust muffler. They will dampen your car’s noise and help reduce fuel emissions and improve your car’s airflow.

  • Seats

Finding new seats for the car is not an easy task, and this is not an easy modification to implement. But, if you happen to find a set of seats, do not hesitate to swap them with the factory ones. Otherwise, changing the upholstery is an easy and impactful choice for modifying the seats. There are many choices for upholstery of seats, such as Alcantara leather, suede, and vegan leather. Custom car seats not only look good but can be much more comfortable than factory-set seats. So, there is something in the market for everyone. 

These are the simplest modifications you can do to your car to enhance the looks or increase performance.