5 Benefits of Integrating Raiser’s Edge & Salesforce NPSP

5 Benefits of Integrating Raiser’s Edge & Salesforce NPSP

A Raiser’s Edge Salesforce integration may provide a wide variety of benefits, but bridging the gap between these two systems can be difficult without the right integration software. Omatic Cloud provides the solutions that nonprofit organizations need to combine Raiser’s Edge constituent and fundraising records with Salesforce membership management functionality. 

Gain Efficiency in Impact Reporting

The ability to track donations in Raiser’s Edge or import donation data into Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack lays the necessary groundwork for impact reporting. Organizations that use both systems along with integration software gain access to a centralized database for use in impact reporting. This approach has the advantages of ease and efficiency over attempts to reconcile separate reports derived from each of these systems.

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How Omatic Makes All of This Possible

The prospect of integrating Raiser’s Edge with any external software, and especially Salesforce NPSP, can be daunting. Many organizations considering why change from Raiser’s Edge to Salesforce prefer the connectivity and open-source origins of the latter to the closed systems and proprietary formats of the former. Omatic is cloud-based integration software designed to meet the needs of nonprofits that use either or both of these constituent relationship management software suites.

Segment Records On Both CRMs

Both Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce for Nonprofits have segmentation utilities. Query functionality varies across these systems. In general, Raiser’s Edge has a reputation for being challenging to use to formulate custom queries. Organizations that use both platforms without an integration solution are restricted to performing segmentation on each platform and reconciling the results of records that may be partial or incomplete. Integration allows for a centralized approach to segmentation that accounts for all of the available data.

Increase Third-Party Connectivity

One of the main reasons why organizations switch to Salesforce NPSP from Raiser’s Edge is the connectivity of the former. While integration software can still facilitate the use of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud alongside third-party applications and tools, this platform also includes integration support for many popular resources in the nonprofit sector through the AppExchange. An integration system can allow an organization to bridge the gap between Salesforce NPSP and any connected systems and Raiser’s Edge or other Blackbaud releases.

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Access Data Stored In Closed Systems

Data that originates in Raiser’s Edge or other Blackbaud software is typically only available for use in this family of software. Organizations that rely on these or other closed systems can gain significant benefits and ease of use by way of integration. Integration software opens up closed systems to allow for manual or automatic imports and exports and can prevent data from getting siloed. Information that gets stuck in a system will not be available for use in achieving the best donor communication and fundraising outcomes.

These are only five of the many benefits that become available to nonprofits that pursue a Raiser’s Edge and Salesforce integration. Omatic software can connect these systems and also make it possible to enrich centralized records with data from many of the external third-party applications that not-for-profit organizations use to communicate and track engagement with constituents.