4 Ways to better prepare for online competitive examinations in India

The competitive exams educational sector in India

The competitive examinations are often considered to be one of the most effective methods to find skilled individuals who can provide better efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Considering the case of the Indian employment market, it is important to highlight that most of the big job offers consist of competitive examinations where students are required to pass several rounds of examinations before they can secure a job in the economy.

Most of these examinations require intense preparation by the students, over a significant period of time. To better help the students there are a number of online course selling website available whose major objective is to support students sitting for these examinations. The method that is used by exam boards in the country comprises traditional methods of paper and pen examination to test the level of skills and intellect of the students.

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Considering the current situation, there has been a rapid shift in the mood of examination made by the various organizations in the country to ensure safety from covid-19. The shift has been mostly made towards online examinations which has increased the need for students to be adequately prepared on how to manage time and score well in these examinations.

Methods to prepare for Online Competitive exams

The preparation for online competitive examination is as extensive as compared to traditional pen and paper mode of education. The following section highlights the steps that can be undertaken by students to be better prepared for online competitive exams in the Indian economy.

  • Developing a time management strategy: One of the most important aspects of online competitive examinations is learning how to manage time. Most of these examinations have a very limited time frame provided to the students within which they have to complete several questions belonging to several subjects. In such a situation it is of utmost importance that students are able to discern between the strengths and weaknesses and based on which they are able to conduct time management so that maximum efficiency can be reached. 

For example, if they are proficient in solving mathematical questions it is important that they have a time management strategy that will allow them to focus on these questions first thereby increasing the chances of getting the maximum marks. To help the students in managing time there are several websites available on the web selling courses for students on how to conduct time management in such cases.

  • Have a strong knowledge Base: One of the most important aspects that need to be considered by the students is that the entire examination is based on merit and the ability of the students to showcase the same. Therefore it is of utmost importance that students have complete knowledge available regarding the subject that is being considered to be used in the examination. 

It is only through the availability of a strong knowledge base that students will be provided with the necessary confidence that will allow them to excel in these examinations and be selected by the end of the day. without knowledge, no strategy can help the students to excel in these examinations.

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  • Learn quick analytical methods: It is important to highlight the most essential tric that needs to be marketed by the students is learning the art of using analytical methods to solve problems. students should learn about the different shortcut methods that are available that will allow them to save time and also answer the questions easily. There are several online courses available for students that teach them about shortcut methods which can be implemented in the examination by the students. Another important skill that needs to be mastered is having a strong perception when it comes to answering multiple choice questions.


It can thereby be concluded that to better prepare for competitive examinations and adjust oneself to the new Maut of online examination, it is imperative for students to follow a specific set of structure so that they can pass these examinations. Through the help of various online courses available on the web the students can be taught about how to manage time when sitting in these examinations as well as ensure that they have increasing proficiency in managing computer technical devices.