4 Must-Have Athleisure Maternity Wear

Activewear rapidly becomes a hassle when you’re pregnant. But don’t worry—maternity workout wear is here to save the day. Exercise is crucial throughout pregnancy, as is having a stylish and comfortable selection of leggings, sports bras, and tops to wear when exercising. And believe me; there are signals that indicate when it’s time to change.

Maternity Sports Bra

During your workouts, a supportive, fully-covered pregnant sports bra that is comfortable to wear can make all the difference. In general, underwires in bras are uncomfortable for most women, so you’ll probably want to stay away from them in your pregnancy sports bras. While a tighter fit can offer some lift, you don’t want it to feel excessively tight because it will limit your mobility and possibly even be painful. Considering this, think about purchasing a sports bra one or two sizes larger than what you typically wear.  

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Stretchable Leggings

Your baby bulge is expanding every day, even though you may not notice the changes immediately, so you need leggings to handle it. To cover your growing tummy, pick high-waisted, flexible maternity leggings. Given that they raise and stabilise the body, high-waisted leggings feel fantastic and incredibly comfortable when exercising. It would help if you often chose exercise attire composed of breathable, sweat-wicking materials like polyester and nylon. Particularly during pregnancy, when your body works harder, you may stay cool by wearing these textiles.

Comfortable Compression Shorts

While yoga pants may be your preferred training bottoms, you should also consider investing in a pair of compression shorts. If you’re exercising vigorously or working out in the heat and want to stay extra cool, shorts are perfect. While performing some workouts, your legs could feel less constrained than when wearing pants. The discomfort and swelling that accompany vulvar varicosities, which are varicose veins that develop on the exterior of the vulva, can also be managed by wearing compression shorts.

Vulvar varicosities are not commonly discussed, yet they are rather common during pregnancy and frequently go away on their own after giving birth. Wearing compression shorts when exercising, standing, moving, or even sitting at a computer might encourage the return of blood flow.

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You could experience swelling in your ankles and feet during pregnancy because of the increased blood and other fluids your body is producing. That can indicate that your running shoes no longer fit properly or provide the support you require. Some pregnant women experience half- to full-size foot growth. Sizing up your preferred footwear can be helpful.

For safety, it’s crucial to wear supportive shoes with good design. They aid in preventing falls because your centre of gravity changes as you age, and your ankles become shakier. Additionally, they can keep you active, so you develop the strength and endurance required for giving delivery.

Nike is the brand for you if you are looking for comfortable maternity clothes. Nike has recently launched “Nike By You” for their customers to give them a more personalised experience. You can search for a Nike store near me and make a comfortable maternity wardrobe for yourself.