4 festive Holiday Marketing Strategies For Your New Single

‘Tis the season for warm fireplaces, hot chocolate, ugly sweaters, and our favorite holiday songs playing on the radio. Christmas music is one of the most awaited parts of the holiday season. Whether it be the classic Jingle Bells tune, Mariah Carey’s famous hit “All I want for Christmas is you”, or a brand new hit altogether. If you have a song about the holidays, Christmas season is the perfect time to start promoting. 

Whether you’re a solo musician looking to make it big, or a famous band with a strong, loyal fan following, your song won’t be recognized the way you want it to be without a suitable promotion strategy. Just releasing your holiday single is only part of the process. The next part should focus on trying to get your single out there and making sure people are listening to it. And how can you do that? We have a few fan-favorite tips for you. 

  1. Design a festive song cover 

The first thing you need to do once your song is ready is to design a cheerful, holiday-themed visual to go with it. Remember, a good album or song cover is a visual gateway to your music, which means a lot of people will be judging your song based on it’s cover. 

You can look through the wide range of album cover art available on sites like PosterMyWall and find one that best fits the theme of your song. You can change up the color scheme to match the holiday vibe, add a few Christmas elements to the cover, and throw in some festive imagery. Once your song cover is ready, you should post it everywhere you’re advertising your single, so that your fans can directly associate the art with your new holiday song, 

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  1. Create intrigue with an exclusive sneak peek

Fans love a fun sneak peek into your next creation, and the excitement for a new song is always a lot higher in the holiday season. One of the best ways to make sure your song gets traction before it’s even released is to record an exclusive audio clip and put it up for fans to react to. 

You don’t need to have an official exclusive clip recorded for this strategy to work. You can go online, start up a Facebook or Instagram live, and record yourself singing a few lines of your new single while fans react to it in real time. Another way to go about it is to post stories or social media posts with certain lyrics of your song to leave fans guessing. 

These are just a few of the different ways you can create excitement by putting a small tidbit of your song out there. 

  1. Send out festive emails to your fans

Email marketing is a great tactic for everyone, even musicians. An informative and engaging email lands directly in your fans’ inbox, which makes it much more noticeable than a social media post they might just scroll past. 

Plan out a fun, informative holiday-themed email to send out to your fans. To start with, pick out the ideal Christmas email template that matches your aesthetic, Add your details, important information about you as a musician, and finish it off with information about your new single. You can add your song cover in the email template too. To build up hype, you can offer free downloads or free merchandise to the top 10 fans who get your new song. 

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  1. Make a fun holiday video

What’s better than a new song? A new song with a music video, of course! Everyone loves a good video to accompany their favorite song, so why not create a fun, holiday-themed video for your new holiday single. 

You don’t have to go all out for this video. Since it’s holiday themed, you can make it cute, lowkey, and festive by grabbing a video camera and recording a bunch of family holiday moments to add to your video. Another idea is to ask your fans to send clips of their special holiday moments so you can create a video montage to go along with your song. Not only will this help foster the Christmas spirit, it’ll excite fans even more for the upcoming holiday single. 

Final thoughts

Mixing holiday marketing with music marketing is always a fun experience, with so many creative, out-of-the-box ideas out there. Here are a few super useful tips to help you get started on your music marketing a little early this holiday season so you can make sure your fans get a special Christmas gift when your single is released.