3 Common Plumbing Repair Questions Answered By Expert Plumbers

Every homeowner faces some common plumbing problems in a year. Sometimes homeowners know how to act and rectify the problem with the appropriate solution without much difficulty. But some basic plumbing questions on every homeowner’s mind need to be answered by an expert local plumber near you. For the convenience of residents, we have compiled a list of the most common plumbing problems and their solutions. 

Question 1: Why Does It Smell Like A Gutter In My House?

Do you have a foul smell running through your house like someone has diarrhea? Everybody’s health is just fine, but the smell is still there. You’ve tried to use air fresheners but it is not a long-term solution. These are just some of the reasons why your house could smell like a gutter. 

All of your drains go into the city sewage system. The main manhole cover should have a u-shaped device known as a sewer cover trap. This prevents the water and smells from the city sewage system to travel back up into your home. You could experience bad smells if it needs repair or is not there at all.

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Question 2: Why Do My Pipes Make Noises On Laundry Day?

Does laundry day sound like an orchestra of pipes for everyone at home? Modern household appliances use all the water pressure they can get from the water tanks very quickly. The pipes make noises as the water travels rapidly through them and then suddenly stops. Pipes that are not secured tightly will make more noises. 

In the long run, pipes can get damaged if they are not secured tightly. You can use pipe straps, that are available at any plumbing store, to hold the pipes securely in place so that they do not make any noises. Use a water hammer arrestor if the pipes are concealed behind walls or roofing. A water hammer arrestor cushions the water pressure in the pipes so that they do not make noises or get damaged. 

Question 3: Why Do I Have Such A High Water Bill Even With Little Consumption?

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Only two or three people are living in your house and you get a very high water bill. A majority of the people are not at home most of the time so the water bill does not seem justified at all. What’s going on? You could have some of the following problems which can directly affect your water bill very fast. 

  • Improperly installed fixtures: How old are the dishwasher, washing machine, and fixtures in your bathrooms? Older appliances experience natural wear and tear. This erodes the plumbing at the connections. Leaks begin to form. You may not notice it but a lot of water might be leaking from these appliances or the equipment in the bathrooms and kitchen. 
  • A leak in the mainline: The roots of the trees, earthquakes, and animal activity are some of the things to consider if there might be a leak in the main underground line supplying water to your house. 

Another concern could be that somebody is wasting water unnecessarily.

Professional Advice

You can always get professional advice from a local plumber near you if you have any additional questions.