10 Tips to Get WordPress or Blog Site on Google First Page

So you are here to know Submit site to Google and get the site on top of google search ranking. And increase google page rank and Here Let’s discuss! increase google SEO ranking Word press is a famous tool developed to design websites. It is one of the proficient creating tools supports to build all types of websites in simple methods.

Through WordPress, we can build a simple blog to fully advanced websites easily, and In other words, we can build an e-commerce store to sales goods and services in online platforms. Building websites need coding and scripting languages, but with the help of WordPress.

we can build websites without any coding knowledge or any design skills, It helps to design a normal website into a professional website. In WordPress, there are thousands of themes and designs that can choose from the WordPress box.

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However, it is famous for constructing the websites, and it has one more feature to consider it is best because of the content management system. In addition, you are well known about most of the SEO specialist utilize and recommend WordPress because if its effectiveness in SEO strategies, user-friendly and unique design

WordPress Is the Solid Platform for SEO then how can you get a WordPress website indexed by Google In order to index and rank the WordPress website, this kind of step is really helpful to place our WordPress on Google page, and then let’s go to discover a step-by-step approach to Indexed your WordPress website. Here we are presenting 15 tips to get WordPress website indexed by Google

Quality Content

In this SEO world, Content plays an important role in google SEO ranking, where Content is optimized in a mixture of text, design, video, and audio information. Content is a major reason for your audience continues visiting your website.

So high-quality Content is the king, helps to rank your website and support to Index quickly by Google. Invest your valuable time in writing high-quality Content, which indicates your products, services, company information, promotion, videos, and photos

  • Present your visitors with the Content they require

.• Increase reliability by applying unique and solid analysis

  • check your content grammar errors and misspellings

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Social sharing helps to Index website

One of the advantages of social media is an improved chance for links. Social media links are an excellent method to boost your search engine rank. SEO and social media work well collectively to give your place the links you require to improve your search engine rank.

Social media movement usually leads to the heightened awareness of website content, which can drive to increased knowledge and more people connecting to your website.

Web HostingThere is possible to deny the WordPress website indexed because of bad hosting. Websites that run stable and speedy are more inclined to take regular Google SEO ranking and Indexed; this is only possible when a website is hosted on a good hosting server.

Because of many reasons, it effects by Server Downtime, Page Load Time Shared Hosting, and loading speed, Always WordPress website that is hosted on a bad host is intended to enhance a disaster for Google Indexed. Since hosting, you obtain what you choose for, better to go for a quality host with the best hardware, and outstanding accessibility is always value for better WordPress indexed and Google SEO ranking.


We can allow and disallow search engine crawls on our website by adding through robot.txt by mentioning no index and no follow Meta tags head body part of your website that controls spiders to pinging your website.

Through with this setup, we can configure the internal robot.txt line to disallow all search spiders or crawlers from indexing your website For complete information about how to set up, check out here on robots.txt.

Pinging Websites

Pinging is a method in which you submit your WordPress website or blog to various search engines or web directories by pinging devices. Pinging tool is so successful in indexing your website or blog to better search engines in a short action. You will receive an auto backlink from these tools which support to improve your site google SEO ranking in organic search results. Where these strategy helps to index fast by Google saying to Google to Index that webpage.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console or webmaster tool is a free help that benefits you achieve your site’s appearance in the Google search engine results page. Within the help of Google Search Console, you can ask that Google index your WordPress website, suggesting modifications you’ve performed will show up in the search results page. This actually works to indexed your WordPress website on Google. Click here to know how to Index manually to make your website Index in Google search console


Holding a sitemap on your website transfers more information to search engines easily and helps to index more quickly. Make a list of all website URLs that combines pages that would not have been indexed by Google. By creating an XML sitemap creates more valve for Google and the chance to Index fast and active without any flaw. You can compute a tag on your XML sitemap, telling which pages are the most valuable. Google Bots will thus first concentrate on this preference pages.

Social Bookmarking

Perform social bookmarking in popular websites like Digg, google plus, delicious helps to Index our WordPress website fastly and also drive a lot of traffic. Being posted on a social bookmarking site can drive group traffic. Users who arrive at your site from a social bookmarking website are usually there because your Web site is shown in a search engine page for questions they were involved in.

Some of the social bookmarking Websites will point links escape to other sites as “no follow.” This instructs search engines not to reflect the link, and even though not follows, but Google search engines crawl and help to Index.

Guest Blog

It is one of the easy methods where we can make our WordPress website Indexed in Google Search Results. Guest blogging is one of the best for online marketing methods you can promote your website, and it helps to index and crawl your website instantly

If you require to increase your brand’s information and win the support of your target audience, start sharing Content to other websites related to your business or recess. Guest blogging really helps to generate high traffic from different sources and different locations, where it helps to search engines like Google to find your website easily from the guest blog website.


All Web 2.0 sites that enable you to feed your engaging and unique Content on them should be utilized to the summit if you require pushing huge traffic and backing links to your website. and also some good web2.0 sites like blogger, Hubpages helps your website to index your site from Google, they crawl actively and vastly those it benefits to generate our website traffic you for your attempts by sharing some useful content in web2.0

10 Tips to Get WordPress Site on Google First Page – Conclusion-

  1. So we just came to know how these 10 Tips to Get WordPress Site on Google First Page, By following all the tips our WordPress website index actively with seamlessly.
  2. By applying those procedures, you will get your website indexed fast and increase the authority level, the importance of your website pages, and clarity for your readers.
  3. Keep a record of the link-state you concentrate on your website.
  4. Creating quality is the important step to follow, It is not only necessary to show users quality content, but you should attempt to create a great online brand power in google to Index.

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