WordPress vs. Wix: Which One is Better

WordPress is a content management structure that is free and used to set up and support websites. Its simplicity and unique blogging characteristics have enabled it to be the most known blogging instrument on the internet. Wix is a cloud-based program for creating websites that enables the facility to create the webpage for free using different tools that are user-friendly. Easy drag and drop helps with website customization. WordPress being the most common website builder worldwide does not mean it is the only option. Wix or WordPress – below is a comparison between them.

  1. Pricing

Wix gives a basic webpage builder at no cost, which is disadvantageous as it adds branded advertisements for Wix above and below your webpage. Also, you cannot, for your site, use a name that is a custom domain. Also, the basic plan doesn’t provide needed add-ons like Favicons, eCommerce, and Google Analytics. You will be required to upgrade to a premium plan to remove advertisements and get more features from the apps market of their own.

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WordPress is an open-source available to anyone who wants to use it for free because you will require a personal domain web hosting and name to install it. It has a variety of hosting providers and comes with complete support for eCommerce.

  1. Use

Most beginners avoid hiring a web designer by choosing Wix or WordPress, enabling you to create sites without having to master how to code. Wix has a simple tool that enables you to build a website of your own, like drag and drop.

WordPress comes with a very powerful block editor, enabling you to edit pages with a live preview, allowing you to make visually appealing layouts by adding blocks.

  1. Layout and design

Wix comes with a variety of more than 900+ templates you can choose from, and all designs are written and fully responsive in HTML5. WordPress comes with thousands of paid and free themes; the free ones come with limited support, which can go through a strict review process, while the paid ones offer more characteristics and come with support options that are premium.

  1. Blogging

Wix enables you to add blog sessions to your site easily with the basic blogging characteristics commonly used. WordPress began as a platform for blogging and later changed to a full-time website builder. It has all blogging features missing from Wix.

  1. Ecommerce

Wix comes with eCommerce plans that are paid for. So users with free plans have to upgrade to plans that are paid for to run eCommerce. WordPress has a lot of eCommerce plugins used to sell physical and digital services. It makes it easy to create a personal online store by using WooCommerce, a known eCommerce platform.

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  1. Data Portability

Wix has limited options to shift content onto another platform. You can only download your content manually and move blog posts in an XML format. WordPress makes it easy to move content as it is a good system for content management.

Bottom Line

With the comparisons above, Wix, in terms of usage and design, is the easiest and fun when creating a website, but coders and technicians might get WordPress more flexible.