Which is better: A virtual mailing address or a virtual mailbox?

In this era of digitalization and online working, getting postal mail has become rare. But many are still stuck in the unavoidable loop of using truckloads of paper for communication. Although we can save so much time and paper by using email for all types of communication, official and legal work is all done through postal mail. All the banks, legal workers, utility bills, and other official communication with government departments all use physical mail.

In other words, in this time where remote working is becoming the ‘thing’, you can’t avoid physical mail. This is where the virtual mailing address and mailbox come in. This service is ideal for remote workers, online businesses, freelancers, digital nomads, and adventure seekers living on the road. 

Depending on your situation, you can choose between the virtual mailing address and the virtual mailbox. To understand better the difference between the two and which one suits you better, let us look at them in detail.

Let us compare virtual mailing address and virtual mailbox to find out which one you should choose:

Virtual mailing address:

A common misinterpretation is that a virtual mailing address is an online address. This is probably because of the word ‘virtual’ used in the name. But, it is an address of a physical location that can be used to receive your postal mail. These addresses are beneficial for businesses run from home. These businesses don’t have a physical location to work from. For official correspondence and postal mail, the virtual mailing address is expected.

Using your home address as your business address is not feasible for many reasons. And using a PO. boxes for business addresses are not allowed in many regions. So you are left with only two solutions; either you rent a place or hire a virtual mailing address service. The latter is an easy-to-use, hassle-free, and affordable service that solves all your problems.

Consider using the virtual mailing address for the following reasons:

  • You know you won’t get truckloads of mail but don’t want to miss out on the important mail you often get
  • Your business needs to be registered and for that, you need a legit address.
  • You want a professional business address on your stationery and as your contact. This is done to give the impression that you mean business and are here to stay.
  • You are planning on scaling your business to new markets and a local address will help you out in that.

Why do small businesses need to use a virtual mailing address:

Small businesses are mostly run from homes or garages. People don’t give them the same weightage as businesses run from commercial locations. Using your home address as your business address puts you in the league of non-serious business. Other than that, it puts your privacy at risk. Business addresses are floated throughout the region and your home address can be a hassle. It helps you separate the private and professional parts of your life.

This service is best for those who don’t receive mail regularly. If you do get lots of mail, this might not be economical for you. But the good thing is that you can get your mail instantly, no matter in which corner of the world you are. The mail is handled by the professional staff, scanned, and sent to you instantly. You will not miss any mail ever again with the help of the virtual mailing address.

Virtual Mailbox:

A virtual mailbox service is similar to a virtual address. But, it takes things one step further. You get other options along with a virtual mailing address. It is perfect for people who are expecting lots of mail regularly. Businesses, as well as individuals, can use it to receive postal mail from anywhere they want.

It is a good fit for the following people:

  • If you travel a lot, getting important mail can be an issue. You can’t ask family and friends to constantly pick and handle your mail. You might not want them to pry into your professional life. For frequent travelers, this is an amazing service, you can get your important mail scanned and emailed to you. You can also get your packages held until you get back.
  • If you live on the road in a motorhome or RV, this is perfect for you. Since you don’t have a physical address, a virtual mailbox will cater to all your needs. You can get your packages, mail, and in some cases even check deposits, from a delivery or pickup point.
  • If you have a specific location in your mind, then this is the only solution for you. Virtual mailing addresses don’t let you pick and choose, you have to stay in their frame of location. But the virtual mailbox service is more flexible in this way.

Which one to choose?

It all depends on your requirements, are you an individual or running a small business? What is the volume and frequency of the mail you get? How frequently do you travel? Can you pick up the mail or do you want it delivered?

These are the questions that you are asking yourself, before deciding on a service. Understanding your needs is the first step toward getting the solution. The economy of the service depends on the volume of the mail and the delivery conditions of the mail. If, you get a lot of mail and packages then a virtual mailbox is what you need. You can either pick up the mail yourself or set a checkpoint where you can pick it from. But if you are a business and the volume of the mail is not much, the virtual mailing address is an affordable service for you. You can get your documents received, scanned, and emailed instantly.