What Are The Benefits Of Making A Living Will?

A living will is a legal document that contains an individual’s wishes regarding the type of medical care they want to receive when they are not in the state to communicate their wants themselves. Healthcare providers consult this will to determine the course of your treatment when you are unable to make decisions. 

When such a will does not exist, they consult family members and, in some cases, third parties to make the decisions. They may be unaware of what the patient wants and make decisions against their wishes. If you are planning to make a living will, the expertise of the Scott Counsel firm is a must. 

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What are the advantages of making a living will?

  • It gives you control. 

Every individual has different wishes regarding the medical care they wish to receive. A living will ensure that your wishes are followed even in the event that you are unable to communicate them to the doctors. Life-threatening illnesses and incapacitating diseases can creep up unexpectedly, and by making a living will you have control over the type of treatment you receive. You only receive the medical care that you accept. 

  • It relieves the burden off your family. 

It is highly distressing for family members to see their loved ones in an incapacitated state. In addition to that, they are burdened with the decision-making regarding the medical care the patient will receive if there is no living will. The family may not know the patient’s wishes or disagree with the oral instructions and make their own decisions. When the patient has already detailed the medical care they want, they are not responsible for making the difficult choices and have to follow them. 

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  • Financial planning. 

Medical care can be expensive. Your family may incur heavy expenses if they choose to keep you on life-sustaining treatments. When the patient is aware of the outcome in such situations and chooses treatment options, they can make advance arrangements for the payment of such treatments as well. It helps prevent financial problems for the family and ensures that there are sufficient funds for the treatment they want. 

Making a living will gives you the peace of mind that you will only get the treatment you wish for and avoid unnecessary treatments. It also makes things easier for your family members and reduces conflict between them. Choose an experienced and efficient attorney that guides you throughout the living will-making process and ensures that it is effective.