What Are Some Mac Performance Issues You May Encounter?

Macbooks are one of the best choices when it comes to computers. However, you are still bound to encounter some performance problems. Some of these problems are pretty manageable, and you can even ignore them most of the time. 

Even so, there are issues that make it pretty difficult to use a computer. Knowing how to take care of various Macbook problems will help you increase productivity. You will have fewer worries about missing deadlines if the laptop is performing optimally.

The Mac issue list below should be a good reference and push you in the right direction if you are having problems with the computer and are unsure how to fix it.

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Issue #1 – Unresponsive Internet Connection

If you have a wireless internet connection, do not expect it to work smoothly all the time. It may be that there are third-party peripherals that are interfering with the internet. Even something like a microwave could be the difference-maker. If you cannot get an ethernet cable, try using the Mac in a room that is away from third-party devices.

Of course, there are other potential causes that may be preventing you from enjoying a decent internet connection. Call your ISP and ask if they can help you. If everything is fine on their end, restart the Macbook or disconnect and reconnect to the network. These methods are also known to fix a poor internet connection.

Issue #2 – Lackluster Battery Lifespan

The Macbook’s battery will not last for a long time if you overburden the laptop with gimmicks like visual effects or run too many background applications.

In addition to quitting unnecessary background apps and disabling visual effects, you should also scan the system with antivirus software. It may be that there is a virus or malware slowing down the computer and eating its resources, including battery life. 

Issue #3 – Overheating and Loud Fan Noises

You can ignore internal fan noises to a certain degree, but once they get too loud and the Macbook starts to overheat, you should not delay and take some action.

For the most part, removing the dust that has accumulated inside should be enough to improve the situation. However, most people would be reluctant to take their laptop apart because they are afraid of damaging it. In such cases, you should take the Mac to a computer service store and have professionals do the work for you. 

Investing in a cooling pad is also worth giving a shout. It provides a source of cool air. If you have the accessory running in addition to removing filth inside the Mac regularly, you should not have issues with overheating and loud fan noises.

Issue #4 – Flickering Screen

A flickering screen tends to occur when there are compatibility problems between the GPU and the most recent operating system version. 

If your Mac’s screen has started to occasionally flicker after you installed the latest OS update, you will likely need to wait for a hotfix. Or, if you cannot take it, switch back to the previous OS version. 

Issue #5 – Slow Internet Browser

An underperforming internet browser is not necessarily related to the computer. Some people do not bother figuring the problem out and install a different browser.

On the other hand, if you have many bookmarks, browsing history, and other details that attach you to the current internet browser, there are ways around the issue without needing a replacement.

Start with removing unnecessary browser extensions. You might have installed one too many, which is why it stutters or even crashes.

Clearing the browser cache regularly helps, too, as does limiting the number of open tabs. Finally, make sure that the browser is up to date. 

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Issue #6 – Spinning Beach Ball

A spinning beach ball that appears for an instant and disappears right away is not a big problem. However, it might become too persistent. 

The spinning ball appears when the system cannot keep up with your request to open an application before it closes a previous process. 

As you can expect, quitting background apps should solve the problem, but do not stop there. Look for other ways to free up system resources, like decluttering the desktop or regularly restarting the computer. 

Issue #7 – Lack of Drive Storage

The lack of drive space on a computer spells trouble. If your hard drive or the solid-state drive has only a few gigabytes of free space, it is natural that the Macbook will underperform.

Thankfully, there are ways to manage a computer’s data and not worry about lacking necessary Mac drive storage.

Start with removing unnecessary applications and old downloads. Then, get a cleanup utility tool and get rid of temporary system junk like backups, extensions, and caches.

Transferring some of your data to external storage devices and cloud services is also a good piece of advice. Finally, stick to streaming platforms for media needs instead of keeping large files on the computer.