Super Cool Shag Haircuts You’ll Love

What is the ‘shaggy’ cut and why will you want it this season?

Is the shaggy cut a current style?

We cannot deny it, the shaggy cut or shag cut is back to stay. But, we must remember that, although it is very fashionable, it is not a haircut that was invented in 2022.

This haircut emerged in the mid-sixties where actresses and models wore it on the red carpets. The leading actress behind this look was Jane Fonda who according to rumors almost fainted when she saw the layers of the shaggy cut.

Fashions are cyclical and we love it!

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This is the shaggy cut

The main key to the shaggy cut is the layers. This haircut style is very casual, achieved with short, thin layers especially on the top of the head. With these layers, it is possible to add volume to the hair and a natural finish. The shaggy is a perfect haircut if you want to say goodbye to the dryer since with this layered style you want to show off a “sun-dried” and tousled style.Another key point of the shaggy is the bangs. If you want to wear a 100% authentic shaggy, yes or yes, it must be accompanied by bangs, it can be choppy; micro … many bangs match this haircut.

Find out if shaggy is your ideal haircut

  • If you are looking to lighten your hair and take the weight off, the shaggy cut is for you. Layers help reduce the amount of hair, but it will not lose volume.
  • If you have very fine hair or not very dense hair, it will help you to appear more populated and you will gain a super plus volume thanks to the layers. We recommend accompanying the haircut with a shampoo for fine hair Volume Injection, which provides more body to the hair.
  • It is a haircut that helps to rejuvenate the face and brings fresh air to the look.
  • The shaggy is an ideal transition style from short hair to long hair or even if you want to cut your hair and do not dare with a very short style.
  • If your face is oval or long, it will favor you since it balances and softens the features.
  • The shaggy can also be your cut if you are looking to show off a fashionable and trendy haircut.

The types of shaggy cut

Long shaggy

If you refuse to give up your hair length but want to rock shaggy hairstyles, it is possible! With the shaggy layers, you will wear a light mane and with a very natural movement, you can also collect it in a ponytail and wear the layers whenever you want.

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Shaggy with bangs

As we have explained, one of the main keys to shaggy is the fringe, whether chopped, baby bang, in the shape of an inverted “V”, etc. All bangs are suitable, but we recommend that you choose one that fits your face type.

Shaggy bob

The bob cut never goes out of style, both the classic and its variants. If you want to wear a shaggy cut with medium hair, bet on mixing it with the bob.


Shaggy cut plus mullet cut? A resounding yes! The shullet is the mix of these two trendy haircuts where the layers are longer (which blend in with the rest of the hair) and are usually accompanied by long bangs. Do you dare to wear a shaggy haircut? Make an appointment at the beauty salon! Only the experts will know how to give the special touch of this style.