Proposed new title: Tips for Choosing and Printing on Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has picked up in popularity, so much so that many clothing businesses are opting to have their custom designs printed onto it by third-party print-on-demand companies so their customers can enjoy the patterned clothing as much as they do. However, if you’re ready to do that yourself, the following are tips for choosing and printing on tie-dye for your business. 

Don’t use anything that is trademarked

Without saying, for any design, not just ones going on tie-dye shirts, it’s crucial that you not use any custom-created design (or any design in general) that could cause you to get fined or sued. Even something you consider a tribute to a famous person might get you hit with legal problems you certainly don’t want. 

It would be best if you stuck to using designs to sell that is yours. Consult an attorney if you need clarification about what’s legal and what’s not. Yes, there will likely be a cost involved, but it’ll likely be much cheaper than if you go about it on your own, only to find out later you made a costly error in judgment. 

Play with the font

Even if you have your heart set on using a particular font on tie-dye apparel you love, it doesn’t mean the two are the right match. However, if you know what wording you want to use on the clothing, that’s a great place to start. It means you can see how the actual words look that you want to use, providing you with more design insight. 

Use an online mockup generator to get an idea of how the font/words would look on the clothing, and keep changing it up until you find a combo that looks right. While you’re at it, reposition it and alter the font’s size until there’s a mix of what you feel works. 

Consider the tie-dye of the moment

There are so many types of tie-dye, but at times, certain styles seem more popular than others. So while you can choose to sell any tie-dye you love, you may want to research the trending type to appeal to customers looking for that option. 

While “spiral” will likely be most familiar, there are many others, including stripes, ombre, and crumple. Look into the different tie-dye types and see which option you’re most fond of so you can pick the one that best suits your ultimate design.  

Keep the wording simple

Tie-dye isn’t exactly subtle; it’s bold and in-your-face, even if the colors and type are more subdued. Therefore, it can be a good idea to keep the wording simple so it only takes away a little from the tie-dye design. Of course, you want the language to be a prominent part of the look, but the tie-dye is the real star. 

If you want to use more than a few words on the tie-dye creation, consider using a lighter, more low-key background and dark wording, such as black. It gives the language a chance to stand out more, especially if you choose the correct font.

Balance out the dark and light

When you’re having a graphic or wording printed on tie-dye clothing, it can be a good idea to balance out the dark and light. For example, if the pattern consists of all dark hues, consider using a custom design that’s white or in another light color, and if the tie-dye pattern is light, opt for black or another dark color. Therefore, creating a balance between the two, so both are equally visible without it being distracting or off-putting to the eyes.

Consider the clothing item

While t-shirts and sweatshirts, like the Bella + Canvas unisex tie-dye pullover sweatshirt, are probably the first pieces of clothing you think of when it comes to tie-dye, there are many other options for your customers. For example, you can purchase clothing items like tie-dye shorts or pants that come in the same pattern as the top, so you can sell the pieces separately or as a set. Considering the current popularity of sets, it’s an option you should consider.

Choosing and printing on tie-dye may take longer than if you were to start with a blank, solid-color clothing item, simply because you’re not only going with a pattern but also a combination of colors that you need to consider. Take your time to find the perfect blend of all the design elements you want to use to compose a piece of clothing you would wear yourself and that your customers would likely love.


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