How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac computer can report any bug, and also could share them on any social networks. If you know the shortcut keys, taking a screenshot is the easiest task. You can take either take a whole window, or a specific part which you intend to take. Below are few ways you can take screenshots on a Mac computer.

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac

Below we are suggesting 3 different ways to take screenshot on mac computer. Check all the 3 ways and follow the best way you like to screenshot on mac computer or laptop

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  1. Using Command+shift+3

To take a screenshot on mac computer of your entire screen, follow these steps below;

  • Press Command+Shift+3 simultaneously.
  • The screenshot will be saved in the desktop.
  • It will be saved with date and time you took the screenshot under PNG format.
  • Now you can share your screenshot to any social sites.
  1. Using Command+Shift+4

To take a screenshot on mac computer of a custom area of the screen, follow these steps below;

  • Arrange the screen how you want it to be done.
  • Press Command+Shift+4 simultaneously.
  • You will see a small crop tool or cross hairs.
  • Click and hold the tack pad.
  • Drag it to the part where you want to take screenshot and release it.
  • The screenshot will be saved on desktop in PNG format.

Once the crop tool or cross hairs appear, you can also press the Space Bar which will turn the cursor to the camera icon. You can move the camera and focus on the custom area you need to take the screenshot on mac computer and click on it. The image will be automatically saved in the desktop with respective details.

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  1. Using Control keys

If you want the screenshot to be copied on the clipboard so that you can edit later, follow these steps below;

  • Press Ctrl+Command+Shift+3 simultaneously.
  • The photo will be saved on the clipboard.
  • You can use a photo editing app like Paint or go to documents and copy it from the clipboard.
  • You can edit it to your preference and save them on the desktop.

These are three of the many techniques you can use to take a screenshot on Mac computer. Hopefully these would help you perfectly in capturing your favorites on your Mac.