How SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting Services was started by Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond

You may wonder how a young digital entrepreneur in London, who started out as an SEO consultant, scaling his SEO services to an SEO agency, and later starting a second web hosting online business came to invest in Game server hosting.

Well, the interesting news is that ordinary people are making a good living from nothing more than their laptops and other smart digital devices. So, it is safe to say that the digital era is in full swing and this obviously also impacts the gaming industry. You would not believe how much money popular Minecraft YouTube Gamers earn these days. 

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Being an SEO consultant, Fernando Raymond, conducted a keyword research with SEO analytics tools when he found that hundreds of thousands of people are looking for Minecraft server hosting on search engines. He also realised that some look for ways to earn more online from Minecraft servers. This led him to do more research and he finally realised that there is an opportunity for his web hosting company SeekaHost to launch the Minecraft server hosting. 

How did it all start with the Minecraft Game Hosting? 

Fernando became a digital entrepreneur step by step, starting out as a blogger and SEO consultant, now employing freelancers and digital nomads internationally for his two companies ClickDo Ltd. and SeekaHost Ltd.

This work and lifestyle model has been his dream for many years, and it is on the rise wherever you look:

  • In the US, 8 million identify themselves as digital nomads.
  • In the UK, 4.8 million identify as freelancers.

At the same time, gaming has developed into an e-sport and players and gamers can earn handsomely by joining online gaming competitions and via their YouTube channels. 

Fernando had never heard about Minecraft until he found it in his keyword research. But seeing how popular this online game is, he started to investigate. He spoke to his friend Neil Franklin about Minecraft, who said that his kids play it. So, he arranged a Zoom call with Neil’s sons Louis and Sam, and they showed him how they play the Minecraft game.

Then Fernando found out that one of his staff at ClickDo, Praween, played the game he arranged a Skype call with him and asked him to show him how he plays it. He then recorded some Minecraft sessions which you can see on Fernando’s YouTube channel. 

It became crystal clear to Fernando that Minecraft had taken the world by storm and he needed to step into this huge market. Together with his web team leaders Kasun and Wasantha they launched the perfect website for the best Minecraft game server hosting SeekaHost could offer initially. 

Fernando’s main motivation is to provide the younger generation with safe and reliable options to play the Minecraft game online with their friends on the best performing game servers. But there are many other benefits to this game, which is why SeekaHost invested in Minecraft hosting. 

What are the benefits of SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting UK?

  • A free Minecraft server hosting trial is available at for all UK Minecrafters as well as schools and parents who need financial support to host Minecraft and let the youngsters play the game (keep in mind you still need to pay for the Minecraft game itself, which can range between $20-$30 per game/version).  
  • For the Modded Minecraft server hosting SeekaHost offers the One Click mod packs installation. Players can get easily started and play Minecraft using the best mod packs online with friends. This list of the best Minecraft mods helps to enhance any player’s Minecraft performance.
  • Minecraft’s parental controls provide parents with more control over their kids’ activities since the Better Together Update. The creation of an Xbox Live account and Gamertag allows parents to set privacy and multiplayer preferences to their child account so that they stay in control. 
  • A collection of Minecraft tutorials and FAQs is available to players. Compiled by Minecraft experts they provide useful tips and tricks for the best Minecraft gaming experience and solution. 
  • The SeekaHost Minecraft team and Fernando have done their research and know that they are offering better Minecraft server hosting deals than competitors like Hostinger with server hosting starting at just $2 per month for 12 player slots and a whooping 2GB Ram for the Wooden Sword plan. All the other Minecraft Hosting providers start charging from $2.50 for even fewer player slots and GB. 

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Fernando became a huge fan of Minecraft and considers himself very fortunate to have found it in his keyword research. Because since its launch in 2020 the SeekaHost Minecraft Game Hosting has grown with clients from all over the world and Fernando is so thrilled that he can connect people through gaming and his server hosting in a world where everyone is currently restricted to socialise. 

Author bio:

Manuela Willbold – Online Media and PR strategist at ClickDo Ltd. 

I am editor in chief of various blogs and ensure that all articles published on the blogs I manage are SEO friendly and edited to a high standard. I have taken a summer course at the London School of Journalism, a one-day course at the City of London University in writing for the web and am myself a course instructor at the SeekaHost University where I teach SEO content writing.