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How does Video Marketing boost sales and give results?

by Madhuri Boinwad

Since the invention of the first video camera by John Logie Baird, videos have spurred the world. 

Video is a smart way of communication. There have been various stages and developments in history due to which video is anywhere today. Also, as the best marketing solution too.

The television at your place or advertising media effectively communicates videos and is an excellent means of communication. One can produce a video starting from a low budget to any higher prices.

The entertainment industry, documentary films, and promotional videos have changed the media world. Anyway, let us not dwell on history much.

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From traditional marketing to the digital era, imagine the expansion to the media world. The Digital era has paved the way for various forms of content. And you can guess! Yes, Video Marketing is in the top place! They play a prominent place in the field of digital marketing.

Let’s move further to look into how the video marketing for any business drives results in today’s world.

  • Video Marketing boosts the conversion rate.

Video Marketing is a vital point of any digital marketing strategy. The below graph from smart insights is showing you

the statistics

Video Marketing boosts the conversion rate.

Did you check the stats? 92% of marketers say videos are an essential form of marketing, ensuring positive ROI. An estimate says that the average person will spend 100 minutes everyday online watching videos in 2021.

It’s an increase of 19% since 2019, where daily viewing minutes was 88.

Video Marketers see the necessary results they can get from the videos is optimistic and always high. Video marketers believe

  • Video Marketing gives them good ROI
  • It helps them in lead generation
  • It drives increased traffic to websites.
  • Many believe it has directly helped them improve sales.
  • Marketers want to spend more on videos in their future.


  • Videos can explain, show and educate people about any brand.

Videos make you emotional, and they inspire you in their way. You know vision is one of the primary senses in the human body. And, there are no doubts watching videos can stick into your brain immediately.

Nowadays, video and audio production has a lot to speak to everyone. There are various other websites similar to Shutterstock, which offer original Royalty-free images and footage content. These days audio is available too following an audio production stage. (They all aren’t free, you’ll have to pay and get many of them).

Once you buy any footage necessary for your industry, a video editor can then make the required animation edits and give you the final output( If that’s what only your business needs). 

From the perspective of your brand’s services, your businesses can say a lot through a single video. Also, Videos feel more authentic and most purposeful if you hire a video marketing team to make you one of your original brand marketing pieces.

Toffyjar Digital can always assist you with your video production needs. For more info, have a look at how you can get an explainer video from Toffyjar Digital. Learn more about our video services.

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  • Videos promote businesses through storytelling.

A story is a great way to communicate. When pictures can speak a thousand words, imagine how moving pictures could communicate.

You understand that videos and other types of content occupy most of today’s social media. Everyone speaks a lot on social media.

In terms of a brand, you can leverage social media for promoting brand content.

And, videos will be a high performer among those. Just track the videos you come across on social media, and you’ll understand how videos are at the trendiest.

Videos are a great way of telling a brand’s story. It’s fun, indeed engaging, and exciting to watch a video. Videos can bring forth emotions, desire and instigate anyone to make a move.

We sincerely are addicted to videos’ way of storytelling. Videos can guide us anywhere smoothly, and I feel that it’s the most engaging way to tell a story or explain.

  • Video Marketing can create intrigue for even the laziest buyers.

We schedule our current lifestyle and are quite busy.

Many people aren’t looking forward to going out shopping because almost every shopping happens digitally today. At just a click, you get your online purchase delivered to your doorstep. People want to feel more comfortable doing online shopping. Big brands like Amazon have made it super-easy. Many brands have their product videos to make their customers understand easily. Whether it’s a testimony video, an explainer video, or a hand-shot product video, it’s all easy to get through an idea of the product.

Thus, I must say Videos have the power to engage even the laziest buyers. You’re just a click away. As the video starts, it’s all about videos creating impact and spreading awareness. And the next click would be about your favorite purchase!

  • You can track results with Video Marketing.

We very often read traditional forms of content on blog posts and Facebook status. Although from here we can derive an audience impression on how many have visited the site, we cannot derive how many paragraphs they have read and furthermore. With Video Marketing, it isn’t the same. In the case of a video, it’s not a waste of time and effort to analyze the extent to which people have watched. With the help of analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can check how many have paused the video and continued it later. Also, how many have completely ignored it in the middle and those who have watched it completely. Many might have replayed it, too, to understand the video better. Hence, with videos, analytical results on user’s behavior help to a greater extent.

  • Videos are easy for social share on any social media platform.

Videos are typically highly shared on a social network. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have unique features for any video.

Facebook has even launched 360 videos other than its feed video, in-stream video ads, Messenger video ads, carousel videos ads, cover videos, and many others.

Instagram video is currently divided into five formats: Reels, Live, IGTV, Stories, and in-feed posts.

Over 300 hrs of videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute. People watch an average of one billion hours of video every day on Youtube. Social media video shares build a network and make it businesses easy to communicate with people.

Just like your new friend has uploaded a new video shot, you feel it’s fantastic to let her know you liked the video shot.

Here are some of the most popular Video Marketing platforms that you can publish on:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • IGTV
  • Instagram stories
  • Twitch
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

Significant types of video content marketing include:

  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Video interviews
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos of presentations
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Video testimonials
  • Recordings of live streams
  • Video ads

Closing thoughts

Video Marketing is major essential marketing for your business. Imagine the whole idea of social media would be so monotonous without any video. Videos are human-centric. They can call out to different emotions.

People are highly anxious to watch a video. Sitting on the couch, staring at your gadget, aren’t you usually glued watching videos on any social media? Videos connect in a personal way. It triggers at the right moment.

Videos can justify a brand to people in an elegant manner.

Just in case you need a video for your brand, Toffyjar Digital makes one that fits your brand. We’ll make sure you’re on the right track with a high-performing video.

To contact us, call us here now!

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