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Handy Canopy Tent Buying Tips for the Small Business Owners

by Shaista

Even though small businesses find outdoor marketing campaigns useful for boosting brand awareness and engaging customers, the operational issues and the associated logistics can be a problem. Also, when participating in outdoor events, you need to adequately protect your visitors, employees, as well as products and marketing collaterals from the harsh sunlight as well as rainfall, and the occasional gusting winds that can play havoc with your plans. This is the reason why you must choose a high-performance canopy tent. Some tips on how to select a good canopy tent:

The Weather You Are Likely to Encounter 

Depending on the place and the time of the year, you may face a variety of weather conditions like bright sunshine, heavy winds, rainfall, or even cold air drafts. This makes it important to buy a model that is built strong with a frame of heavy-duty steel or aluminum and a canopy made of robust materials like nylon or canvas so that it can withstand strong winds and repeated use. Ideally, the canopy material should be UV-resistant so that the bright colors of your brand do not get faded due to the sunshine. Also, getting a fire-retardant chemical treatment done is a good idea to prevent fire accidents from damaging your tent. Getting a 10 x 10 canopy tent with covered sides can not only make the inside cozier but also prevent wind and rain from entering the tent.

Decide the Tent Size

While bigger tents are more impressive and attract more visitors, they are also more costly and difficult to set up on your own. However, you will need a large tent if you have to accommodate more people, plan to display large products or hold presentations or meetings. On the other hand, while smaller tents are more portable and easier to set up and dismantle; the space inside is limited. However, they are far more affordable than the larger ones. The best thing to do is evaluate how much space you require and then conduct your price and product comparisons only for tents that meet your specifications.

Quality and Customization

Even though buying a high-quality canopy tent can be significantly more expensive than a low-end one, it is usually better to choose a good quality canopy tent from a reputable manufacturer. The tent will not only last much longer but also will generally require much less maintenance, which can be a great advantage if you take part in many events. Another significant factor in the selection of the canopy tent is the customization required by you. Typically, you will want a tent in your brand colors, and with your logo, brand name, and tagline printed so your tent achieves very good visibility on the ground. According to Forbes, event marketing has the advantage of creating experiences that are less easily forgotten by the audience.


There is a very large variety of canopy tents available. Deciding based on the size, the weather conditions, the quality, and the customization required is the sensible thing to do when buying a canopy tent.

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