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What is the full form of MLA


MLA: Member of Legislative Assembly

MLA is a representative of legislative assembly (a lower house of state legislature) , elected by the voters of a constituency. MLA have different responsibility according to their positions. Some MLAs have more than one responsibilities. For example: As well as an MLA he can be a cabinet minister and CM also.

In every state, there may be 4-9 MLAs for an MP (Member of Parliament).

Criteria for becoming a MLA

There are some basic criteria for becoming a member of legislative assembly (MLA).

  • The candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • He must be completed at least the age of 25 years.
  • He must be a voter of any constituency.
  • He should not be a mad or insolvent.

Responsibilities of an MLA

  • An MLA represents the people’s grievances and aspirations and take them with state government.
  • He should use the several legislative tools for the benefits of his constituency’s members.
  • He should raise the local issues of his constituency in front of state government.
  • He should make the optimum use of local area development (LAD) fund to develop his constituency.

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