What is the full form of LOL

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

LOL is an acronym stands for Laughing Out loud. It is a very common internet slang used in chatting on internet. It is used when someone find something very funny or extremely amusing. There are some other alternative of this slang like ROFL, LMAO etc. used according to the intensity of the laughter. The list of these acronyms are growing day by day as the new abbreviations are added. There are also some smileys used to response the funny situations over the internet.

LOL was first included in Oxford dictionary in March, 2011.

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Where to use LOL

LOL is used in conversation over the internet. It is generally used in social networking site. At the time of chatting, when a person find something funny then he use LOL to show that he is laughing very loudly. Emotions and Smileys are also used to indicate the situation of laughter.

For example: Assume, two persons are chatting on internet.

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First Person: Hi.

Second Person: Hi..

First Person: I just got slapped from the girl, I met yesterday.

Second Person: LOL


Note: LOL just should be used in casual talks and the conversation over the internet. It should not be used in formal conversation.