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FAQs on React JS Training Course

by Madhuri Boinwad
FAQs on React JS Training Course

A proper training course can always be fruitful while developing Single-Page Applications. Through React JS Training course, you can learn Redux and React along with their features that can be used for developing applications. But before you take up the course, here are a few things that you need to know.

Overview of React JS Training

React is an efficient, flexible, and declarative JavaScript library used to build web applications. It follows the component-based approach and is very easy to create large-scale applications along with smaller components. The main objective is to build a large-scale application having high performance with reusable and smaller stateful components. 

Objective of the Course

  • Provide awareness about ReactJS and keep updated with the latest trends
  • Create smaller components to build large interactive user interfaces.

What individuals learn from React JS Course?

The course provides individuals with knowledge on:

  • Writing code, building real-world projects
  • Learning React with hands-on exercises
  • Ideas expanding basics with state management, routing, testing, and serverside rendering
  • Guided hand-on assessments through immersive learning with Cloud Labs

Highlights on React JS Training Course

  • Live instructor-led classes for 32 hours
  • Hands-on with Cloud Labs for 120+ hours
  • Self-paced on-demand learning
  • Auto graded assessments and quizzes
  • Capstone Assignments and Projects
  • Access to courseware for a lifetime

Why React JS Training?

React JS Training course provides you with a learning experience on the most popular framework. Recently 70.7 percent of JavaScript developers have been using React with 1.2 million websites. As React JS developers are now in high demand in every industry starting from entertainment, finance, healthcare to media, gaming, and logistics so by getting on to this course, you can have a great impact on your career prospects as it will bring in benefits as:

  • The average salary earned will be around $91,985 for React Developers
  • Have 12% salary growth in 5 years
  • Will bring growth in job listings


The basic prerequisites the course has for:

  • Intermediate knowledge of working with JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

Who can attend this Course?

  • Novices who can meet the prerequisites
  • Solution Architects
  • UI Developers
  • Software engineers and developers
  • Full-stack developers

Skills Gained

  • Building composable user interfaces utilizing reusable components
  • Building interactive, data-driven, and performant web applications
  • Building Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Setting up the toolchain of create-react-app & utilizing it
  • Building components of dynamics that can interact with APIs
  • Write shared logic that is usable to utilize in the application ecosystem
  • Building interactive forms
  • Utilization of Redux & middleware like React Saga
  • Implementing routing using React Router in Single-Page React Applications

System Requirements

To attend the React JS Training program, the basic system requirements required along with any workstation or laptop with at least 8 GB RAM are as mentioned below:

Software Requirements

  •  A code editor or IDEs like Sublime Text, Microsoft VSCode, or anything similar
  • Web Browser: Microsoft Edge Google Chrome, or Firefox

Hardware requirements

  • Windows 8/Windows 10 OS, Ubuntu >=16, MAC OS >=10, or any latest version of popular Linux flavors
  • Free space of 10 GB
  • RAM- 4 GB

And now that you learned every detail of React JS Course, so delve into the course and grab the opportunity to expand your job skills to receive greater job prospects in large enterprises.

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