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Download Thoptv for Android APK, PC (Windows, macOS, and Linux)


What is ThopTV?

Here you can download thoptv for pc and also you can download thoptv for pc like windows 7, 8, 10 linux, macos and also provide thoptv apk for android.

Download Thop TV for PC is available for devices including Download Thop TV for Android APP APK , ios, and Windows, Linux, MAC etc. Using this app, you can stream any HD Movie, TV Shows, Web series, and Animes, etc for free. ThopTV Apk is very different from other entertainment and free streaming apps because, when watching your favorite video content, it gives you a large range of choices.

With the video material you are watching you can do a variety of things. Besides that, you can set the preferred video format, choose the quality of the video, change the type of audio, select subtitles of your own choosing and several more things that you will only get to learn after downloading and installing this software.

To various operating systems, such as Android, Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS, you can download the ThopTV App.


The software provides a wide variety of options and functionality. Many of the features are not definable in terms. Yet we’ve picked some of the best Thop TV Apk apps for you right below, to your convenience.

Free Streaming: Are you still paying for watching movies & TV Shows? Get rid of it with the all new IPTV App platform known as THOP TV. Using this app, you can stream hundreds and thousands of free movies and television shows in HD for free.

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External Player Support: Most of the entertainment and video playing app comes with a default and IN-built video player that helps us streaming the video. Thop TV Apk is also the same but it brings you the ability to choose custom video player like MX Player.

Simple and Intuitive UI: This is the part that makes an app great. Being simple and materialistic, Thop TV is very easy to use and interact. Each part and section of the app is highly intuitive that makes even a noob user to use the app easily. By the time, Thop App is updating with aas possible as simple UI.

Dark Mode: Dark mode is quite popular right now. Most of the apps like Chrome, YouTube, and other applications and even the OEMs, has started rolling out Dark mode or theme features. You can also enable Dark Mode in the ThopTV App setttings.

Live TV: Do you love to watch your favourite TV Show or any other video content live? Now on, you can stream your favourite movie, TV Shows, and news channels live using your Android phone. The app offers all national and international live TV Channels for free.

Supports Live Radio: Are you a one who still love to listen Radio? If yes, then this features is going to be one of your favourite one. Because, ThopTV Application not only allows you to stream movies and Live TV, but also allow you listen to Live Radio globally.

PIP Support: Do you love to multitask on your Android phone? Then you will be amazed to know that the app does offer you PIP Mode. Yeah, now on you can use Picture-In-Picture mode while working on the other things. To use this feature, tap on the PIP icon while watching video.

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Other Features: We have almost discussed about all of the important features. But still there are may left. Some other features of Thop TV includes player orientation settings, enable or disable Full HD in Jasmine, categorized sections for Live TV, Movies and Shows, etc.

How To Install ThopTV Apk on Android

Do you want to Install Thop TV Apk on your Android phone or any other Android powered device? If yes, then follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  1. Go to Android phone’s settings > Security and Privacy. And then tap on ‘Unknown Sources’ option to enable third-party installations.
  2. Then, Download ThopTV Apk using the link that we have provided.
  3. Once successfully downloaded, tap on the file to open it. Then, tap on ‘Install’ to start the app installation.

ThopTV Apk for Android: Download

Download Thop TV for Windows: Download

Download Thop TV for Linux: Download

Download Thop TV for macOS: Download

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