Delete apple id from iphone & iCloud Email account

You may want to delete apple id from iphone and iCloud account because of reasons like not feeling the account is safe, wanting to use a local account, creating a new iCloud account etc.

You need to be aware of the consequences when you delete your iCloud email account for good. You will be signed out of services like App Store, Messages, and other apps. In case if you have not backed up your data, all your photos, contacts, mail, files, videos etc.

which you have stored  in your iCloud account will be deleted. Any app information that is stored in your iCloud account will be deleted. If you are still ready to go ahead and delete your account, follow the instructions below.

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Deleting iCloud email account using Password:-

If you know the password to your iCloud account, you are in luck. You can delete your email account without using any third party apps. Remember to ensure that you back up your data before trying to attempt this step. You can go ahead and delete the Apple ID linked to your email by following the steps below.

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  • Go to settings.
  • Click on iCloud.
  • Below you will find “Delete Account” or “sign out” and tap on it.
  • When prompted, confirm your action by tapping on it.
  • You have successfully deleted your iCloud account now.

Permanently deleting your Apple ID email account:-

If you really want to delete your iCloud email ID permanently, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

  • Sign into your iCloud account at Apple.
  • Under your account page, click under Manage Account.
  • Scroll down to the Data & Privacy section at the bottom, and click Manage Your Privacy.
  • Click on Request to Delete Your Account.
  • A pop-up window will appear asking you to select a reason for the request.
  • Apple offers you the liberty to remind you to review the information regarding deleting your account.
  • Click on continue, and to review the Deletion Terms & Conditions, and to check the box to confirm you agree.
  • You need to provide an email address that is not associated with the account that you are deleting so that Apple send your account status updates.
  • Then Apple will provide you with a unique access code, that you will need to contact Apple Support. You may also have to use this code to cancel the account deletion process.
  • Your iCloud account will be deleted permanently within seven days. Also note during this time period the account will also remain active.

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Removing an iCloud account from iPhone:-

If you wish to remove an iCloud account from your iPhone or iPad, all you need to do is follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap the name of your iCloud account.
  • Go down and tap on Sign Out.
  • Type in your details including Apple ID password.
  • Tap on Turn Off.
  • Select the data you want to keep on the device and make sure the switch next to it is in the ON position.
  • Tap Sign Out.
  • Tap Sign Out again to confirm.

It is impossible to delete your iCloud account completely since it is always associated with your Apple ID and you cannot make it completely disappear.

You can always follow these steps and delete apple id from iphone and iCloud account or temporarily disable it. Hope these instructions would suffice you.