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Contractor Continuing Education: Will It Be Worth Your Time?

Contractor Continuing Education: Will It Be Worth Your Time?

by Shaista

North Carolina Contractor Continuing Education offers you the opportunity to post-secondary contractor learning programs. These programs are incredibly beneficial for professionals who aim to pursue them even after formal education. It can vary from seminars to online classes that keep you updated with the technological advancements to dominate your industry. 

In the case of North Carolina, it is essential to complete at least eight hours of continuing education each year after obtaining the general contractor license. Depending on the course requirement, you might be spending up to 6 hours of study on various topics. The courses are all state-approved and can help you renew your license as per the state requirements.

But the real question that many people often worry about these courses is their worth in their lives. Is it beneficial to opt for continuing education? Will it be profitable to invest your time and money in such classes? 

Will these courses help you make a decent living? These are a few questions that might be wandering around in your mind while you read this blog today.

There is no end to learning, and with these courses, you will only be increasing your knowledge and expertise. But whether these courses can help you earn a proper living is another question. Therefore, to understand the benefits of pursuing continuing education, here are some points that you might want to consider:

Options Available For Better Promotions

Whether you have a business or work with any organization, you always look for ways to get promoted to a higher designation. Employers are always in favor of such courses that help their employees upgrade their capabilities. 

When you enroll in continuing education, you give yourself the chance to invest time and energy in gaining more knowledge. In the case of contractor-related jobs, these will be pretty crucial for moving ahead in your career. 

Also, qualifications are essential when you are looking for freelancing jobs. And with proper degrees, you get the advantage of getting placed in reputed construction companies. Moreover, if you are already working, getting your desired role in the company seems to be an easy task with such a degree. 

Recognition In The Market

Another reason why many professionals opt for continuing education courses is to gain proper recognition in the market. People always love to hire the services of experts with not only years of experience but adequate license. When you complete your continuing education program, you can highlight the degree and increase the fees accordingly. 

So, such a course can add value to your name and brand in the market. Even if you are considering a job in a reputed construction company, know that higher education can always help you get instant recognition among the rest of the applicants. Also, it allows you to stand out among your competitors in the market when you have the required skillset and degrees to validate them. 

Salary/Fee Increment

You cannot just go around increasing your fees for your next project. You need to showcase potential talent, degrees, and appropriate previous works to get clients and business. However, the entire scenario can change when you opt for continuing education courses.

Why? Continuing education leads to a raise, both for salaries or even fees that you might charge for offering your service. Also, as highlighted before, people will trust you and your services more when you can add a degree of credibility to your portfolio. In the case of jobs, you also get the right to ask for a raise when you have more educational degrees to support your claims. 

Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes only a primary degree won’t be enough to make a decent living. Also, it won’t satisfy your requirements if all you need is a better job or business. In both cases, enhancing your skillset should be a priority for you. As and when you improve your work skills, you get the opportunity to work with better clients and other professionals in the market.

One of the easy ways to enhance your skills would be by pursuing higher degrees. And if you choose to work while completing your studies, one of the best ways is to opt for continuing education. Whether you want a job or want to expand your business, or renew your license, in any case, these continuing education courses can be your beneficial partner.

Personal Development

Why do people ever want to study again? Not only to get a better job but also for learning. Learning is not solely about your job role or business skills. Going for continuing education means you are giving yourself another chance to educate and learn about things you already thought you knew about. 

Or maybe you will get to learn new things about your profession that, otherwise, you would’ve missed out on. But such courses give you the power to educate yourself repeatedly while you embark on a personal development journey. 

License Renewal

Some of the states have strict rules for license renewal. You might have to get your higher degree related to your profile to get your license renewed successfully. However, remember that no matter what, getting into a continuing education course can be helpful for your career. 

It helps you gain insights about the profession, develops skills, and grows your connections adequately. So, overall, getting into such a course can be a healthy transformation for you.


Sometimes, getting this degree is mandatory for your license renewal. However, the fundamental reason for applying to such a course should be personal and professional development. Therefore, utilize the course fully to advance your career and make sure that your professional credentials are all up to date. 

If you decide to enroll in the continuing education course, check the eligibility criteria properly and course timings and teaching mode correctly. Then, make sure to invest subsequent time and effort in these courses to complete them with good grades. Ultimately, your certification should be enough to add credibility to your name and profession. 

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