How to Connect Android Phone to Projector

Worried about not having a laptop for a meeting? Worried if you are confused on how to connect your phone to a projector? You can connect android phone to projector after you complete reading the below instructions and doing as directed.

Connecting your phone to a TV or monitor:-

   If the extra step of connecting using cables bothers you, you can simply connect your android phone to a TV or a monitor. Most of the phones are limited to the option of micro-USB port.

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With an MHL adaptor, you can plug it directly to the charging port on your phone and watch any shows or telecast your presentation to a larger group through a TV or a monitor. Make sure you cross check with your phone’s manufacturer first before opting for this step.

Using Chromecast:-

  •     You can use Chromecast to mirror your phone on the TV. Download the Google Home app and set the Chromecast up.
  • Once done you can easily project it to a bigger screen from your phone.
  • Ensure that you turn off the Power Saving Mode, because that will interfere with the screen while it is being portrayed.
  • Connect to the same Wi-Fi that Chromecast has been using.
  • Once you connect the Chromecast, click on Cast Screen/audio.
  • Then select your Chromecast device and you ready to watch it on the bigger screen. Finally you can adjust the volume to your preference.

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Connecting to a projector:-

   This is one of the smartest ways of displaying your presentation or content to a larger audience. You can present it in any size or on any surface. To make this effort fruitful, you will require an adapter.

The older projectors connect using a VGA port, while the newer ones use the HDMI port. Apparently your smartphones does not use both these options. The adaptor should either be a micro-USB to HDMI or VGA port. It all depends on the type of projector you are using.

Using Miracast:-

   This is one of the easiest way to connect your device to a projector. Make sure your android phone supports Miracast. If it does so, buy a Miracast adaptor and attach it to the projector.  Whatever you telecast on your device will be mirrored on the screen.

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Streaming wirelessly:-

   You can download a compatible app Allcast that allows you the liberty to stream anything from your phone to an external device. To use this feature, you will be required to possess a compatible set-top box.

Apps like Xbox One, Chromecast, and Roku etc. support this feature. With your Wi-Fi connection you can stream your presentations to any surface.

   All the above ways can help you display your phone screen to projector. They are equally efficient and serve the same functions. Tools like Power Mirror also help in this task.

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You can now without any worries connect android phone to projector following the above instructions. Hope these tips come in handy to you always.