Complete Guide To Buying Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are staple in every jewellery lover’s wardrobe. These little pieces of accessories can complement any attire and outfit with the perfect grace. So when you are planning to buy a pair of earrings that’s simple yet classy, you should definitely opt for stud earrings. 

Now, everyone knows that stud earrings are simple but when it comes to buying stud earrings, you can become quite confused. This is due to the wide range of options in the market. There are also other factors such as the budget, store, and ensuring the authenticity of the stud earrings. 

If you are a newbie at jewellery shopping, worry not. We have a quick guide to help you buy the right stud earrings. Keep reading!

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  • Choose The Style

Most of the times when you say stud earrings, people quickly jump to the conclusion that it is a diamond stud earring. While diamond studs are popular, studs are also made of different metals and stones. So, make sure you check out the designs of gold studs or crystal studs to find if you really want diamonds or something else. You can also opt for silver studs with crystals based on your choice and budget. 

  • Set A Budget

Setting is budget is probably the most important thing to consider when buying a stud earring. This step can also decide the size or the style of the studs. For instance, if your budget is high, you can buy studs with diamonds and a platinum setting. But if the budget is not too good, you may want to opt for alternatives like crystals or just simple gold studs. Setting a budget also ensures that you spend in a limit and do not regret any over-splurging later. 

  • Think About The Purpose

There are two basic categories of any stud earring: daily wear stud earrings or party wear stud earrings. The former are minimalist and have clean designs for everyday wear. They go with almost every outfit – be it a t-shirt and jeans or a plain kurti or saree. The party wear studs may vary in size and have intricate designs. They dazzle with party wear sarees, kurties, or gowns. While you may wear a party wear stud for everyday basis and vice versa, the studs may not complement the occasion and attire smoothly. So, when you are going to buy stud earrings, make sure you think about when and where you wish to adorn them. 

  • Do Your Research

The research for your stud can be for many things – its designs, gold or diamond price, the jewellery store, and so on. It may sound boring but doing research could help you buy the right piece at the right place. You can also end up saving some bucks while shopping. How? Well, research also includes comparing jewellery prices and checking for available discounts and deals. Moreover, research also lets you carefully check the jewellery details, its authenticity, etc., to ensure you are buying high-quality studs. All this ends up in a better catch and you can save money even if you buy gold or diamond studs. 

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  • Find A Trusted Jeweller

Whether you are buying the studs offline or online, it is crucial to choose a trusted vendor. This way, you can save yourself from any misleading or fraudulent purchase. Investing in gold or diamond is a huge step and this should be on your non-negotiable list. To ensure that the jeweller is trusted, check their reviews. You can also talk to your friends or relatives who have ever bought jewellery from the store. Other than these, you should also check their privacy policy and return policies. Also, make sure you get a proper bill and check the jewellery’s hallmark certifications. Check out and browse through a wide collection of different jewelries.

Follow this guide and we are sure you will end up buying a stunning and authentic set of stud earrings soon! 

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