PDF Tools: 4 Best PDF Converter Tools for Your Essential PDF Needs

There are a lot of reasons you would need a reliable PDF converter tool nowadays. One reason is that as the world moves closer to going paperless, it is only sensible that you know a PDF converter tool that will give you seamless and quick conversions of your files to any file format you desire. 

A quick search on Google will yield you hundreds and hundreds of PDF converter tools. But how do you know which one is the best? This article will give you a short list of some of the best PDF converter tools that you can use whenever you want and wherever you are. These tools are reliable and offer you amazing services.

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The first on our list of best PDF converter tools are GoGoPDF. GoGoPDF is a web-based online PDF converter that lets you manage and access your PDFs even if you’re only using your mobile devices. Managing your documents has been made easier with GoGoPDF, allowing you to convert any file formats to PDF or vice versa. There’s no need for you to access or download multiple apps or software.

Choosing to change your files into PDF will make them less vulnerable to any form of distortion, regardless of the device or platform you use to access them. It is a handy feature, especially for important files whose data shouldn’t be altered or modified in any way, such as financial reports or contracts.

GoGoPDF offers a wide selection of file formats that you can choose from, such as PPT, Excel, Word, HTML, and JPG. It is not just your ordinary PDF converter tool. And it also offers other amazing tools, such as enabling you to secure, compress, split, merge PDF online, and many more. The customer service response team is likely the best feature that GoGoPDF has. It is determined to help you finish all your tasks and improve their services to help you more in the future.


Another great and reliable PDF converter on this list is PDFBear. It is also a web-based converter tool that you can access on any device, operating system, or web browser. It offers many tools so you don’t have to transfer from one platform to another just to find a certain tool that you want to use. PDFBear is truly a dependable PDF converter tool that you can access anytime and anywhere you want. 

As for security concerns, PDFBear has installed a 256-BIT SSL Encryption Technology to ensure the safety and security of all the files you will upload into their system. Everything you input into PDFBear, such as security card number, credit card number, or even your files, are all exclusive to your eyes only.

There is no need for you to worry whether your files are in safe hands. As per their company policy, all the files you’ve uploaded will automatically be removed from their system after an hour. Each conversion you make will give you a high-quality and high-grade file in just a matter of seconds.


UniPDF is a PDF converter tool mainly created for Windows operating systems. It saves you from the trouble of having lengthy upload and download times that you usually experience with various online tools. This tool directly works in your terminal so you don’t have to operate with any other third-party programs or apps anymore. 

Upon converting with UniPDF, you will be surprised how desirable and amazing the quickness and accuracy of each conversion you make using their services. UniPDF is truly like no other PDF converter tool on the market.

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Wondershare PDFElement

Wondershare PDFElement gives you an easy and convenient way of creating, signing, converting, and editing your PDF documents. Wondershare works well with Windows and Mac operating systems. It also presents you with feature-rich tools and functionalities that work similarly to MS Word, giving you the ability to fully control your documents, texts, images, and other elements in your documents.

One amazing feat that Wondershare PDFElement has is that it gives you full control of your files. Giving you the ability to secure only a certain part of your PDF file, and only the people who know the correct password will have access to your files. Additionally, you can download their fully-functional app on your iOS and Android smartphones.


The only way you know for sure that these tools are what we say they are is by visiting their website and trying it out for yourself. We guarantee that you will not experience any hiccups or any compatibility issue whenever you access their services. On top of it all, these tools are for free, but of course, with certain limitations. If you want to be entitled to their full features, getting a Pro version is not a bad idea and investment.