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An overview about Red Earth Kabini

An overview about Red Earth Kabini

by Ragini Salampure

There is nothing to dislike about the place as you will find everything to your liking. The people who are working there are nothing short of awesome. There is a common tip box where you put in the tips as per your needs. The quality of food is great and if you order they are going to make dos and don’ts. If you plan to be travelling from your resort opt for your car as it may turn out to be a wise decision. A visit to red Earth Kabini is a once in a life time experience which you may cherish it for the rest of your life.

A great place for a lovely vacation

My personal experience was that I reached the destination a couple of hours before time and the hosts were more than happy to accommodate an early check in. The process of check- in was amazing and the room was allotted with any wait. The place was beautiful with flowering plants all around the premises. In fact you will be surprised to figure out on how the trees and plants are well maintained.

The rooms turn out to be private , nice cottages that is decorated and well- maintained. Even the swimming pool is clean and the visitors are bound to have a blast of their lives. In addition the mini bar was stocked with snacks along with drinks. The staff is courteous and are always willing to go that extra mile and help. By their behaviour they make sure that you have a time of your life. The food is of supreme quality and you will cherish it. It may relate to the presentation and the numerous items on offer it is going to be mind blowing. A suggestion is to opt for an all in one offer where the price is high but you may get a lot of items on offer.

As part of the tourist wonder there is a special boat ride where you can catch a glimpse of Lord Shiva that is 2500 years back. It is on the opposite side of the river Kapila. Though my experience was great but still there were a couple of things which did require attention at this juncture. You have to take note of the fact that this is a village and is surrounded by mud lands. So you will be having a hard time in driving to the resort which is around 5 km. The situation is bound to worsen if it rains, but thankfully it did not rain at that point of time. On most of the items there is an MRP mentioned which would be expensive than the traditional items. But the cause of annoyance is that there is an extra tax of 6 % to 28 % which is levied on such items. So there is a strong possibility that you may end up returning some of the items which you might feel were not of worth. A suggestion is to mention the total price of the item with the taxes so that people are not confused about the price of items when they buy.

Feel good factors

A visit to Red earth Kabini is a delight in itself across the back waters emerging from the river Kabini. Most of the rooms are spacious with an extended walk in facility. Personally I did not go on to use the Jacuzzi as it would lead to wastage of water but it was worth appealing. There are lot of plants, vegetation , flowers around the location, and you are bound to be lost in the calm and peace of the region.

The food is amazing and the local chefs go on to provide mouth -watering dishes. Every meal tends to be different and only basic items like pickle or papad was repeated.  Most of us went on to chill at the wetlands pub and we were surprised that the cost of alcohol was at a reasonable level. The only feedback which was worth mentioning is that there could be a few activities which may be added in the form of games. A reason for the same is that people can stay longer and indulge in a lot of things as per their liking. In the overall context it works out to be complete relaxed weekend which would be in the lap of nature. People are bound to love and enjoy It to the core.

For a lot of us It was one of the best experiences to stay in a resort. The ambience, facilities along with cultural activities are top notch. Each and everything was impeccable and cultural events were a delight to watch. The pool is clean and lovely and the food was much beyond our expectation in terms of taste. It was multi- cuisine and the owner went on to ensure that it did cater to the tastes of children and older adults.

In addition the customer service was of superior quality. They do care of the customers personally and provide directions while driving. This would be of help if there is any type of diversion while travelling as you end up saving a lot of time and effort. Normally you will not find a lot of variety in veg food but this place was an exception. Even the non -veg food was of best quality. The only area of concern was that there was not a lot of facilities to entertain yourself in the form of games.

The properly location is adjacent to the backwaters. You will get a view of the backwaters from your resort, but a walk of 100 metres ensures that you are at the right place. An activity of cycling behind the backwaters is a delight in itself. A private space exists outside the room which is also great. Keep in mind that there are charges levied if you plan to indulge in activities like cycling. A charge of Rs 100 is levied on an hourly basis.

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