8 mistakes to avoid when choosing your clothes

Although we like to be fashionable and always try the latest trends, we must be aware of what style of clothing suits us so as not to make mistakes when dressing.

Most of us care about looking good in all aspects, especially in what has to do with clothing. We choose outfits for every occasion and, in addition to looking for perfect combinations, we are interested in reflecting our own style. The problem is that we do not always know how to choose the most appropriate for our body and we notice that our figure looks heavier than it actually has.

Although we are free to choose how we dress, sometimes it is good to take into account some tips to look how we want. Thinking about this, below we want to reveal in detail those 8 mistakes that everyone should avoid when choosing your clothes.

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Do you identify them?

  1. Sheer or too tight leggings

In recent years, leggings or tights have become one of the most used clothing items. They are comfortable, go well with various types of footwear and can be combined in multiple ways to achieve a casual look. However, some are made with fabrics that are too translucent which, depending on how the light shines on them, can expose the underwear. This not only makes you lose the style, but for some it is unpleasant and vulgar. In addition, they can cause infections. On the other hand, many are too tight and can bring out the annoying rolls in the waist that, without a doubt, will make the figure look heavier. Make sure to buy only the high quality ones and the right size. Wearing one of these two piece outfits is okay but you need to make sure the size is according to your body measurements.

  1. Short skirt, open back and a great neckline of heart attack

To show off a striking, beautiful and elegant style, you always have to choose between showing your legs and showing off a discreet neckline, or a deep neckline with long pants or skirt. Choosing only daring clothes completely damages the look and, the truth, is unattractive. Remember that it is always good to leave something to the imagination.

  1. Animal print overdose

Animal print is still in fashion and is always a good option to look different and daring. A touch of leopard, zebra or reptile can highlight the silhouette and, in turn, add a touch of seduction to the style. The thing is that you should not overload your clothing with this type of garment, since it completely damages the image you want to reflect and can be quite ordinary. Choose a short set, a blouse or a jacket, but never all three at the same time.

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  1. Glitter pantyhose

Beware of trends! Glitter pantyhose have come out as a fad, but they are not the most stylish garment.

One of the drawbacks of using them is that they tend to highlight leg defects, including varicose veins and cellulite.

  1. Excessive prints and decoration

Too much drape and pleats add at least two sizes more than what you actually have. Avoid overly ornate looks when choosing your clothes. On the other hand, the excess of patterns and flowers give more volume to the silhouette and aesthetically it does not look good. A good option is to choose a patterned garment for the top, and a single bottom garment for the bottom.

  1. Jeans without pockets

Jeans without pockets are daring, they highlight the butt and in some they look too sexy. However, it is a garment that does not fit all of them and, in fact, some fashion consultants consider that they do not look as good as the traditional ones with pockets. Although most designs are made with push-up effect fabrics, women with low hips will look better if they opt for pockets.

  1. Tight, low-hip pants

Although they were in fashion for a long time, it is an inelegant garment that robs the buttocks and hips of volume. On the other hand, its design affects the waist measurements and can cause the appearance of the annoying “love handles”.

  1. Transparencies during the day

Many fashion and beauty experts consider it unnecessary and inappropriate to wear see-through garments during the day. This type of clothing reveals the intimate garments and, far from being attractive or elegant, it looks ordinary and a bit vulgar.