5 Privacy settings you should change in Windows 10

 5 Privacy settings you should change in Windows 10

The latest improved version Windows 10 is well appreciated by every individual who has used it. If you happen to have updated your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 10, you should be aware of its privacy settings also. I’m sure no one would appreciate if an outsider snoops into your privacy or someone has access to your personal information secretly. Not only the fact that it can be stressing but also the fact that someone has access to your privacy cannot sit well with you. Well Windows10 comes with a wide range of Privacy Settings to protect your data. Through the below points you can best protect your privacy from intruders.

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   5 Privacy settings you should change in Windows 10

Disable Location History:-

Someone having access to your location can be stressful at times. Imagine them knowing where you would be at particular time. It would be very easy to track you and the privacy you get with being alone would be lost. In order to prevent your privacy all you need to do is follow these simple steps;

  • Go to ‘Privacy’ section of the Settings app.
  • Tap on Location.
  • Slide the bar to “off” to disable the location service.
  • If you desire, you can set a Default Location for all times and the Windows will not be able to detect your exact location.
  • If you do not want anyone having access to your last location, you can simply click on “Clear Location History” which will delete every data of your location history.

Disable access to your Account Info:-

When we install any app, unknowingly we give permission for every use including the access to our account information. Your account information would be used my random apps for whatever use they have. This could land us in more trouble. In order to prevent that you can follow these steps below;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Account Info
  • Enable it to “ON”
  • Make sure you give access to only apps that actually require your account information and not for all the apps.

Disable Background App:-

Certain apps while running in the background can do many tasks including draining battery, quietly sending and receiving information, automatically updating, sending notifications even if that particular app is not used. In order to prevent that hustle, follow these steps below;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on “Background app”
  • Enable it “ON”
  • Make sure you give access to only the apps that you want to run in the background. Not apps like Candy Crush that consumes most of your battery.

Disable Cortana:-

Just like Siri and Google Assistant, Windows also has its own personal employer, “Cortana”. But this could also backfire to you if you don’t initially set your settings correctly. Being the personal assistant it has more information like your meetings, your location, your search history, even your contacts etc. for someone to get hold of these information if you have not secured properly, it is very easy. So disable the Cortana very soon. In order to do so, if you are confused, follow these steps below;

  • Open Cortana settings.
  • Select Permissions and History
  • Click on “Manage the info Cortana can access from this device”
  • Turn off “Location”
  • Turn off “Contacts, Email, Calendar & Communication”
  • Turn off “Browsing History”
  • If you really want to be on the safer side all you have to do is clear all the data. For this click on “Clear Cortana Data”
  • The entire data would be deleted and you are safe to go ahead.

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Setting a local account:-

If you are using your Microsoft account, your personal data might me at risk. To avoid this you can opt for a local account. You can continue to receive your emails and other messages through this account. But in order to purchase any apps from the Window store, you will need a Microsoft account. To create a local account, follow these steps below;

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on “Accounts”
  • Tap on “Your info”
  • Click on “Sign in with a local account instead”
  • Enter the username and password using the password hint asked.
  • You are ready to use the new local account created.

These are few of the settings you can change on your Windows 10 to secure your information from the snoopers who snoop into your privacy. How much ever advanced, we need to be careful to protect our information. So all you can do is follow these steps and set them initially before you start using your new Windows. Hope these tips benefit you.


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