5 Benefits of Using Association Management Software

Residents’ associations, community organisations, P&C’s and strata groups are an important part of the fabric of our local society.  Relying on volunteers and community minded individuals often means that these groups struggle to find skilled and reliable administrators.  Introducing an Association Management Software system into the organisation removes any issues with personalities, and removes any difficulties with finding individuals that have the right skills to administer the group. Streamlining all aspects of your association into one package has multiple advantages, improving membership, finances and removing any obstacles to the functioning of a well-run organisation. 

Association Management Software offers many benefits for a local group.  

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  1. Designed to be user friendly, Association Management Software can be administered by any member with only basic skills.  Committee personnel can rely upon the accuracy and ease of the software functionality, and new membership is easier to encourage.  Members can make payments and manage accounts at any time and on any device, using secure portals.  The intuitive system can be accessed and operated by new members quickly and easily, allowing people to register and view information without difficulty.  
  2. If your membership owns its own facility, bookings and reservations can all be made hassle free by access to the Association Management Software, operated completely online.  Late payments and double bookings become a thing of the past, helping both the organisations bottom line and the stress of dealing with faulty bookings. This also applies to event registration and payment.  Attendance, early payment and refunds in the case of cancellations are all improved and finances benefit by the sheer ease of the operation. 

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  1. The software can be customised to reflect your association’s particular themes, styles and branding, with its own digital signature.  You can choose the software options that suit your organisations requirements. Trying to navigate your way through website design tools and high cost graphics becomes unnecessary with a customised Association Management Software package. 
  2. Perfect Minds Association Management Software can be integrated easily into your current existing website, with all scheduling, marketing, billing POS and membership databases linked to the new software.  A new website can also be part of the package if you are ready to upgrade.  Trends can be analysed by the system, statistics easily accessed and reports generated that will help devise strategies to increase membership.  Marketing options and applications that are part of the software, are automated via the member data base.  
  3. Reaching out to new and existing members is the easiest task imaginable once your organisation commits to Association Management Software.  New members can be set up and incorporated into the database with ease.  All invoices, emails, newsletters and notifications can be automated and a member-only portals allows your members access to applicable resources such as relevant articles and papers. 

Taking the opportunity to update your membership function and installing an advanced Association Management Software package is the smartest way to inspire and encourage increased membership and committee volunteering for your association.