10 Japanese Historical Weapons – The Blades from History

When it comes to military and politics, Japan is well known for being a powerful country. It is also well-known for its military power. Even though Japan does not have a large armed force, it does have the largest budget for the military and thus the newest and most updated weapons in the world.  Even before technology, Japan was known for its impressive weaponry. So if you are interested in Japanese historical weapons, then read on to find out more.

Samurai swords

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Nagamaki is a long sword with a handle similar to Katana and is the newer version of nodachi. The blade was made to be over 60cm, with the handle also the same length. The handle used to be wrapped using silk or leather.


The most well-known weapon is known as the soul of the samurai. This single-edged narrow sword has a curved blade that is over 60 cm in length. Since it is lighter and durable, it gave the user the advantage of taking it out and using it in a second.


This was used in beheading enemies and for rituals. It had a blade length of 30 to 60cm. Samurai used to carry Wakizashi with Katana, and the two pairings were known as Daisho.


This was a dangerous weapon carried by the samurai warriors. Its short blades have a length of 15 to 30 cm. This blade was used in close fighting with enemies or for rituals.


These traditionally styled swords had a 100 cm long blade. Due to its long length and heaviness, this sword was used against the enemy’s cavalry.


Bows and arrows are known as Yumi. These were the first weapons used by the samurai warriors. The weapon is made from bamboo and wood. The yumi is particularly very long, with over 2 m in length. This makes it powerful and impressive for use in battle.


A powerful and deadly weapon known as Fukiya was made by creating paper funnels and putting small poisonous arrows or needles of the aluminum inside. Samurai warriors used these on enemies within close range. Since the enemies died in unexpected ways, this weapon was also known as the silent killer.


This is a weak yet impressive weapon that made its appearance in the Muromachi period. It is made up of a sickle (kama) with a metal chain attached to a heavy mass (kusari-fundo). It has a huge drawback in that it needs time to reach the maximum speed in order to strike the opponent; thus, it is not useful on the battlefield.

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In addition to samurai warriors, there were ninjas that have an important role in the history of japan. They had exceptional combat skills and weapons. One such weapon used by them is the shuriken. There are many different types of this weapon, but mostly used shuriken are small, star-shaped sharp blades that can effectively be thrown at enemies in combat.


This has a long wooden cane with a sharp and curved blade attached to the top. The blade is around 30 to 60 m in length. In those times, female warriors from the noble class used to use this weapon for protection.


There are various types of Japanese weapons that date back into ancient times. Even today, some of these weapons are used by incorporating them into martial arts. If you are a keen historical enthusiast, then you can look into the classes offered today.